Index of Properties

This page lists all the properties available in CSS level 2 revision 1. The properties are group by the media group for which they are valid. Links in the first column lead to the module in this Study Guide that introduces the property. Links in the second and third column lead to the official CSS specifications. If a property does not have an entry in the second column it does not appear in the CSS level 1 specification.




Property CSS1 CSS2 CSS3
background CSS1 CSS2.1
background-attachment CSS1 CSS2.1
background-color CSS1 CSS2.1
background-image CSS1 CSS2.1
background-position CSS1 CSS2.1
background-repeat CSS1 CSS2.1
border CSS1 CSS2.1
border-bottom CSS1 CSS2.1
border-bottom-color CSS2.1
border-bottom-style CSS2.1
border-bottom-width CSS1 CSS2.1
border-collapse CSS2.1
border-color CSS1 CSS2.1
border-left CSS1 CSS2.1
border-left-color CSS2.1
border-left-style CSS2.1
border-left-width CSS1 CSS2.1
border-right CSS1 CSS2.1
border-right-color CSS2.1
border-right-style CSS2.1
border-right-width CSS1 CSS2.1
border-spacing CSS2.1
border-style CSS1 CSS2.1
border-top CSS1 CSS2.1
border-top-color CSS2.1
border-top-style CSS2.1
border-top-width CSS1 CSS2.1
border-width CSS1 CSS2.1
bottom CSS2.1
caption-side CSS2.1
clear CSS1 CSS2.1
clip CSS2.1
color CSS1 CSS2.1
direction CSS2.1
empty-cells CSS2.1
float CSS1 CSS2.1
font CSS1 CSS2.1
font-family CSS1 CSS2.1
font-size CSS1 CSS2.1
font-style CSS1 CSS2.1
font-variant CSS1 CSS2.1
font-weight CSS1 CSS2.1
height CSS1 CSS2.1
left CSS2.1
letter-spacing CSS1 CSS2.1
line-height CSS1 CSS2.1
list-style CSS1 CSS2.1
list-style-image CSS1 CSS2.1
list-style-position CSS1 CSS2.1
list-style-type CSS1 CSS2.1
margin CSS1 CSS2.1
margin-bottom CSS1 CSS2.1
margin-left CSS1 CSS2.1
margin-right CSS1 CSS2.1
margin-top CSS1 CSS2.1
max-height CSS2.1
max-width CSS2.1
min-height CSS2.1
min-width CSS2.1
overflow CSS2.1
padding CSS1 CSS2.1
padding-bottom CSS1 CSS2.1
padding-left CSS1 CSS2.1
padding-right CSS1 CSS2.1
padding-top CSS1 CSS2.1
position CSS2.1
quotes CSS2.1
right CSS2.1
table-layout CSS2.1
text-align CSS1 CSS2.1
text-decoration CSS1 CSS2.1
text-indent CSS1 CSS2.1
text-transform CSS1 CSS2.1
top CSS2.1
unicode-bidi CSS2.1
vertical-align CSS1 CSS2.1
visibility CSS2.1
white-space CSS1 CSS2.1
width CSS1 CSS2.1
word-spacing CSS1 CSS2.1
z-index CSS2.1

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Visual, Paged

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