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Development stages are little indicators placed next to a link to a book or a page to indicate its progress, as reviewed at a certain date. They also are used on a book's main page to indicate the guide's progress as a whole. They help readers identify comprehensive content, while drawing editors' attention to pages needing work.

Study Guide Development Stages
Sparse text 0% Developing text Maturing text Developed text Comprehensive text

Quart stages

There are two templates that create the quart stages indicators: {{stage}} and {{stage short}}. They take the development stage as their first argument and a date as an optional second:

Markup Displays as
[[Main Page]] {{stage|100%|Jan 11, 2005}}
Main Page 100% developed  as of Jan 11, 2005 (Jan 11, 2005)
[[Main Page]] {{stage short|100%|Jan 11, 2005}}
Main Page 100% developed  as of Jan 11, 2005

If the second parameter is not included in the {{stage}} template the date will not be displayed.


The {{decistage}} template creates an indicator with ten stages:

Markup Displays as
[[Main Page]] {{decistage|10|Jan 11, 2005}}
Main Page Development stage: 100% (as of Jan 11, 2005)

Book completion status

Readers browsing through a certain subject area or classification often want to view books that are complete or closer to completion. In order to indicate the level of completion for a book, add {{status|<PROGRESS>}} to a book's main page, where <PROGRESS> is one of the following: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. Don't abuse this to try to make your book more popular; misleading readers will cause them to leave in frustration.

TODO list

Sometimes it's very hard to figure out what should be added in one page rather than in another. If you evaluate a page to an incomplete stage, you know what is missing. So don't forget to fill a TODO list. Add {{Todo|<MISSING>}} to the page, where <MISSING> is a text describing what should be added to make the page complete.

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