Reserved Words

This page contains a list of reserved words in JavaScript, which cannot be used as names of variables, functions or other objects.

Reserved words used in JavaScript

Current list of keywords used in JavaScript Version 5.1:[1][2]

(*) new reserved words in ECMAScript5

A few other reserved words used in JavaScript represent literal values:[1]

Words reserved for JavaScript in the future

Some words have been reserved according to the ECMAScript specification so that they cannot be used as variable names, although currently, they do not have any functionality. These keywords may or may not be reserved words for some ECMAScript specification, and are grouped according to their condition of being reserved.[3]

Words that are always reserved

await enum

Words that are reserved in strict mode

implements private static
interface protected
package public

Words that were reserved in ECMAScript standards 1-3

abstract[] extends native[]
boolean[] final[] short[]
byte[] float[] super
char[] goto[] synchronized[]
class import throws[]
const int[] transient[]
double[] let volatile[]
export long[]


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