PHP Programming


Setup and Installation

Note: Before contributing, check out the discussion page. How to write your examples.

Learning the Language

The Basics

This section is about things that are important for any type of PHP development. Useful for a PHP programmer of any level
  1. Beginning with "Hello World!" 
  2. Nuts and Bolts 
  3. Commenting and Style 
  4. Comparison operators 
  5. Arrays 
  6. Control structures
    1. The if Structure
    2. The switch Structure 
    3. The while Loop 
    4. The do while Loop 
    5. The for Loop 
    6. The foreach Loop 
  7. Functions
  8. Files
  9. Mailing 
  10. Cookies
  11. Sessions 
  12. Databases
    1. MySQL
    2. PostgreSQL
    3. PHP Data Objects 0% developed  as of 18 Dec 2006
    4. Neo4j
  13. Integration Methods (HTML Forms, etc.) 

Advanced PHP

Advanced PHP includes high level programming and PHP techniques designed to make PHP even more useful and powerful.

Data Structures

  1. Data Structures

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  1. Classes
  2. Special Methods
  3. Overriding and Overloading
  4. Inheritance
  5. SSH Class


  1. Why Templating
  2. Templates
  3. Caching
  4. SMARTY templating system
  5. PRADO Component Framework
  6. Flat Frog
  7. XML
  8. XSL


  2. PHP Manual Function Reference
  3. PHP 5 Functions



  1. Configuration: Register Globals
  2. SQL Injection Attacks
  3. Cross Site Scripting Attacks
  4. Building a secure user login system

See also the section on avoiding session fixation in the Sessions chapter.

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

  1. PHP CLI
  2. PHP-GTK
  3. Daemonization




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