The operators for comparison in PHP are the following:

Operator Name Returns true, if...
== equal left & right side equals
=== identical == is true, and both sides have the same type
!= not equal left & right are not equal after type juggling
<> not equal synonym of !=
!== not identical != is true, or their types differ
<> not equal synonym of !=
< less than left side is strictly less than right side
> greater than left side is strictly greater than right side
<= less than or equal to left side is less than or equal to right side
>= greater than or equal to left side is greater than or equal to right side
<=> spaceship integer less than, equal to, or greater than zero when left side is respectively less than, equal to, or greater than right side (>= PHP 7).
$a  $b
null coalescing first operand from left to right that exists and is not NULL. NULL, if no values are defined and that not NULL (>= PHP 7).

Example of comparisons

This example sets and prints arrays.

Crystal Clear app terminal.png PHP Code:

$value1 = 5;
$value2 = 7;

if ($value1 == $value2) {
  print('value1 is equal to value2');
} else {
  print('value1 is unequal to value2');

Crystal Clear app kscreensaver.png PHP Output:

value1 is unequal to value2

Crystal 128 yast default.png HTML Render:

value1 is unequal to value2

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