• ahc: Significant editing to existing sections.
  • banzaimonkey: Formatting changes and editing.
  • Bolo: working on Flat Frog section.
  • Bumppo: Started object-oriented PHP section
  • Charles Iliya Krempeaux: Added PHP CLI section. Minor cleanups on existing sections. Added PHP-GTK section.
  • Douglas Clifton: New editor. Hoping to add more soon!
  • IBB: See profile.
  • immortalgeek: Added some php web links to Resource section.
  • James Booker: Minor corrections. Hoping to add more content in time.
  • Jatkins: PHP 4 & 5 examples, and PHP 5 only examples.
  • Justin Kestelyn: Added a link in Resources.
  • Kander: Minor edits to the PHP and MySQL section.
  • KGR Sajid: PHP5 editor. Also edited some other minor things.
  • Liu Chang: Added "Setting up PHP" section. Hoping to add more in time
  • Meemo: Some small edits, fixing a few scripts and the spelling of Rumpelstiltskin. ;)
  • Monkeymatt: Fixed some typos, fixed the templating section.
  • programmabilities: Minor edits.
  • Qrc: Started initial page for Configuration:Register Globals.
  • Sae1962: Added navigation template & made minor corrections/edits.
  • Sam Wilson: Elaboration on session fixation.
  • scorphus: Fixes in installation procedures on Debian systems (to conform standards - we now use aptitude)
  • Spoom: Original for and articles, various reformatting and additions.
  • Wykis: Working on Smarty section, foreach, arrays, sessions, all basic programming

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