defaultLogic Digital Market Testing
defaultLogic helps clients to gain insights and discover opportunities within digital markets. Our testing framework is designed to optimize around profitable conversions and identify strategic assets within local, national and global markets. Clients learn about their consumers, competitors and what to expect -- leveraging data generated by research, real engagement and expert analysis.
Real Market Feedback
defaultLogic helps clients to quickly and affordably test markets across multiple or within specific Digital channels. Markets tell us how many consumers that can be reached and the cost to reach them. Consumer let us know what messaging, targeting and frequency generate real sales and leads. Work with digital marketing leaders to engage real markets and acquire actionable insights. Leverage results to identify strategic opportunities and improve decision-making.
Conversion-Focused Testing
defaultLogic is focused on business outcomes. Have successfully managed millions of ad dollars and countless campaigns, we know what success looks like and where to start. Using our experience, market research and your existing data, we develop a testing plan that allows you to reach the highest number of likely buyers at the lowest cost. Our testing strategies are designed around profitable conversions. When strategies are executed, our clients engage real markets and are able to see actual sales and leads. Leveraging results, defaultLogic helps clients find a path to profitability for products and services.
Strategic Insights
defaultLogic helps clients to gain a competitive advantage by engaging digital markets. Our strategic testing approach is designed to challenge market assumptions, exploit competitor vulnerabilities and utilize the strategic insights of Digital Marketing leaders. We help clients identify advantages that can be scaled and defended. What is learned through testing serves as an ongoing asset for your business. At minimum, our clients learn:
  Cost to engage targeted markets.
  Size of online markets.
  Effect of baseline messaging.
  Baseline conversion rates.
  Brand effect of online exposures.
  Baseline cost-per-conversion.
  Competitor behavior within markets.
  Targeting "Winners" and "Losers".
  Messaging "Winners" and "Losers".
  Market buying cycles.



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What We've Done
Led Digital Marketing Efforts of Top 500 e-Retailers.
Worked with Top Brands at Leading Agencies.
Successfully Managed Over $50 million in Digital Ad Spend.
Developed Strategies and Processes that Enabled Brands to Grow During an Economic Downturn.
Taught Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies at the graduate level.

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