AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer(s) Amazon Web Services
Initial release January 19, 2011 [1]
Type Web development
License Proprietary

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an orchestration service offered from Amazon Web Services for deploying infrastructure which orchestrates various AWS services, including EC2, S3, Simple Notification Service (SNS), CloudWatch, autoscaling, and Elastic Load Balancers.[2] Elastic Beanstalk provides an additional layer of abstraction over the bare server and OS; users instead see a pre-built combination of OS and platform, such as "64bit Amazon Linux 2014.03 v1.1.0 running Ruby 2.0 (Puma)" or "64bit Debian jessie v2.0.7 running Python 3.4 (Preconfigured - Docker)".[3] Deployment requires a number of components to be defined: an 'application' as a logical container for the project, a 'version' which is a deployable build of the application executable, a 'configuration template' that contains configuration information for both the Beanstalk environment and for the product. Finally an 'environment' combines a 'version' with a 'configuration' and deploys them.[3] Executables themselves are uploaded as archive files to S3 beforehand and the 'version' is just a pointer to this.[3]

Supported applications and software stacks include:

Supported deployment methods include:

Alternative AWS Technologies



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