Akeneo PIM (software)
GenreProduct information management
FoundersFrédéric de Gombert, Benoit Jacquemont, Nicolas Dupont and Yoav Kutner
Nantes (France)
Area served
Number of employees
SubsidiariesGermany - USA - Israel - UK

Akeneo is a French company created in 2013 in Nantes[1] by a Franco-American team (including Yoav Kutner - co-founder and former CTO of Magento) and based in Nantes, Boston and Düsseldorf. Akeneo is specialized in open source product information management, also known as PIM.[2] Akeneo develops the software Akeneo PIM.[3] Available under the open source license 3.0,[4] the first public beta of Akeneo PIM was released in September 2013.[5][6]

Name's origin

Akeneo comes from the Greek word akene, like the achenes' fruits that contains all the fruits' information and spread them along the winds.


  • January 2013: Creation of Akeneo, by Frédéric de Gombert, Benoit Jacquemont, Nicolas Dupont and Yoav Kutner.
  • September 2013: Release of the Beta version 1.0.0.
  • August 2013: Fund raising of EUR350,000.[7]
  • September 2014: Fund raising of $2.3 Million[8][9]
  • January 2016: Akeneo opened 2 subsidiaries, one in Düsseldorf (Germany)[10] and one in Boston (USA)
  • January 2016: Frédéric de Gombert, co-founder and CEO, wins the prize La Tribune-BNP Paribas Jeune entrepreneur with Akeneo PIM.[11]
  • February 2016: Akeneo becomes co-founder and partner of the Open Source School created by the group Smile and the school EPSI.[12]
  • April 2016: Roy Rubin, former CEO & co-founder of Magento join the Advisory Board of Akeneo
  • March 2017: Fund raising of $13 Million[13][14]
  • January 2018: Acquisition of the israeli startup Sigmento [15]


Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM is an open source PIM software (Product information management) build under license OSL 3.0 and written in PHP.

See below the version board:[16]

Note that the names of CE releases are based on Bugs Bunny episodes, and EE releases on vegetals that have akenes.

Release date Community Edition Enterprise Edition
September 2013 1.0.0-beta1 "A Wild Hare" -
March 2014 1.0.0 "Hare we go" -
April 2014 1.1.0 "Rabbit Punch" -
August 2014 1.2.0 "Acrobatty Bunny" 1.0.0 "Dandelion"
February 2015 1.3.0 "Hare Force" 1.3.0 "Strawberry"
September 2015 1.4.0 "Rhapsody Rabbit" 1.4.0 "Samara"
March 2016 1.5.0 "Fresh Hare" 1.5.0 "Sunflower"
September 2016 1.6.0 "Wackiki Wabbit" 1.6.0 "Tulip tree"
March 2017 1.7.0 "The Old Grey Hare" 1.7.0 "Artichoke"
September 2017 2.0.0 "Rebel Rabbit" 2.0.0 "Hazel"
January 2018 2.1.0 "Prest-O Change-O" 2.1.0 "Walnut"
April 2018 2.2.0 "Bonanza Bunny" 2.2.0 "Chestnut"

Notes and references


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