Bombing of Frankfurt Am Main in World War II
Bomb damage near the cathedral included 2 bridges (May 1945).

Bombing of Frankfurt am Main by the Allies of World War II killed about 5,500 residents and destroyed the largest[specify] medieval city centre in Germany (the Eighth Air Force dropped 12,197 tons of explosives on the city).

In the 1939-45 period the Royal Air Force (RAF) dropped 15,696 long tons of bombs on Frankfurt.[1]

Post-war reconstruction generally used modern architecture, and a few landmark buildings were rebuilt in a simple historical style. The 1st building rebuilt was the 1789 Paulskirche (English: St. Paul's Church).


Date Event
1942-12-22 RAF roundel.svg Frankfurt was unsuccessfully bombed when bad weather prevented crews from hearing Sqn Ldr S. P. Daniels' on the standard-frequency radio equipment in the 1st Master Bomber mission (proposed by Air-Vice Marshal Don Bennett on 22 December 1942--preceding the Operation Chastise MB by 6 months.)[]
1944-01-29 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png Mission 24 daylight bombing of Frankfurt[2] killed Princess Marie Alexandra of Baden.
1944-02-04 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png The 303 BG bombed the Frankfurt city area using PFF.[3]
1944-02-11 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png The 303 BG attacked Frankfurt [1]
1944-03-02 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png The 303 BG targeted Frankfurt's V.K.F. (Vereinigte Kugellagerfabriken) ball bearing plant, followed by the Berlin Erkner ball bearing works on 03-03 and 03-08.[3]
1944-03-22 RAF roundel.svg A night raid destroyed the old part of Frankfurt and killed over 1000 inhabitants, and the east port suffered major damage.

RAF roundel.svg De Havilland Mosquitos raided Frankfurt during the Battle of Berlin (air).
[when?] The Municipal Library was hit during an air raid, destroying its Cairo Genizah document collection and lists of the collection.[4]


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