Caceres CB
Cáceres CB
Cáceres CB logo
HistoryCáceres CB
Cáceres CB
ArenaMultiusos Ciudad de Cáceres
LocationCáceres, Extremadura
Team colorsGreen, black and white

Cáceres Club Baloncesto also known as Cáceres CB was a basketball club based in Cáceres, Spain. It was founded in 1961.


Original Cáceres CB logo, used until 2003

Cáceres CB club participated in 11 ACB League (from 1992 to 2003) and in two editions of the LEB (2003-04 and 2004-05). The club disappeared at the end of 2004-05 season when it was playing in the LEB League because of its financial problems.

The most important achievement of Cáceres CB were the semifinals of the Kora? Cup in 1995 and finishing as runner-up of the Copa del Rey in 1997.

Season by season

The team, before a 2002-03 ACB season game.
Season Tier Division Pos. W-L Copa del Rey European competitions
1991-92 2 1ª División 2nd 30-18
1992-93 1 Liga ACB 20th 12-24 Second round
1993-94 1 Liga ACB 5th 18-16 First round
1994-95 1 Liga ACB 13th 17-21 Second round 3 Kora? Cup SF 8-1-5
1995-96 1 Liga ACB 10th 19-19
1996-97 1 Liga ACB 10th 18-16 Runner-up 3 Kora? Cup QF 9-3
1997-98 1 Liga ACB 15th 15-23 2 Eurocup R32 7-5
1998-99 1 Liga ACB 12th 14-20
1999-00 1 Liga ACB 9th 17-17
2000-01 1 Liga ACB 10th 14-20 Semifinalist 3 Kora? Cup R16 7-1-2
2001-02 1 Liga ACB 15th 11-23
2002-03 1 Liga ACB 17th 8-26
2003-04 2 LEB 9th 16-18
2004-05 2 LEB 8th 17-20

Trophies and awards


Notable players

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