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CMS Made Simple
CMS Made Simple Admin Portal
CMS Made Simple Admin Portal
Developer(s)Ted Kulp (Project Leader)
Stable release
2.2.8 [1] / July 28, 2018; 4 months ago (2018-07-28)
Written inPHP
Operating systemPlatform-independent
TypeContent management system, Community
LicenseGNU General Public License

CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) is a free, open source (GPL) content management system (CMS) to provide developers, programmers and site owners a web-based development and administration area.[2] In 2010 it won the Packt Publishing annual award for open source content management.[3] Other systems with which they compared it include Drupal, WordPress, eZ Publish [2] and Joomla!.

Software Design

CMS Made Simple is an open source package, built using PHP with support for MySQL. Although PostgreSQL was previously supported, the developers chose to remove PostgreSQL support[4] and recent versions no longer support any database except MySQL. The template system is driven using the Smarty Template Engine. CMS Made Simple aims to provide easy development and customization with themes, add-on modules, dynamic menus, tags and translations. When developing a new feature, the tab opens full of default text. The developer starts by erasing the bits he doesn't need, and then adding further tags that link to plugins, known here as modules. As it suggests you customise existing working markup code.[5]


CMS Made Simple has a web-based admin section for theme, template, and stylesheet development, installing and updating add-on modules, configuring page content blocks, and user groups and permissions.

Modules and Themes


CMS Made Simple itself is designed as a base package that does not impose unnecessary modules and functionality on the user. It requires that site owners add modules and tags appropriate to the site. A small number of core modules are included with the default installation, notably a news manager, search function, and WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE).

Plugins: add-on modules

  • Galleries
  • Guestbooks
  • Form Builders
  • Captchas
  • Company and User Directories
  • e-Commerce / shops
  • Calendars
  • Blogs
  • RSS

Numerous additional modules are available via the module repository or Module Manager

In 2008 it lacked

  • Inventory management
  • Support for third-party payment processing mechanisms (such as PayPal)
  • Modules for shipping and sales tax calculators
  • Shopping cart functionality

which are available in Drupal, Joomla!, and Wordpress that are needed building an e-commerce site.[6]


The internal template and stylesheet system allows for end-user theme creation, but others are available in a themes repository to download. Developers can choose the one that is closest to their wishes and customise further.

Software Requirements

  • CMSMS 2.0 Requires a web server with PHP 5.4.11+ enabled. PHP 5.5+ is recommended.
  • PHAR support, putenv support and a working system temporary directory for the installation assistant.
  • CMSMS 1.7 through 1.12.x require a minimum of PHP 5.2.4 (5.2.12 recommended).
  • At least 16mb of available memory for PHP
  • PHP tokenizer support enabled
  • GD enabled for manipulating graphics files
  • MySQL 4.1+
  • Enough access to your server to upload files and change some permissions

Note: CMS Made Simple(TM) does not officially support PHP safe mode


Support for CMS Made Simple includes the content installed by default, built-in help, online docs, commercial/paid support, and a community.

CMS Made Simple holds an annual meeting for its enthusiasts known as The Geek Moot where how-to seminars and Q&A discussions are held.[7]


Release history

Version Notes
1.6 2009-06-22 Goes Through a Major Rework in 1.6.[8] 
1.7 2010-03-20 Minimum PHP version required is version 5.2.4. Supports PHP version 5.3
1.8 2010-07-04  
1.9 2010-11-07  
1.10 2011-10-23 Major upgrade with performance improvements and module api changes.
1.11 2012-07-28 Major upgrades including Smarty 3.
1.11.13 2015-02-20  
1.12 2015-04-12  
2.0 2015-09-06 The very long-awaited 2.0 update with major changes.
2.1 2015-12-06
2.2.2 2017-07-08 A security and stability release. 2017-08-26 General stability release
2.2.4 2017-11-25 Version 2.2.4 - Little Paradise: general stability release
2.2.5 2017-12-18 Version 2.2.5 - Wawa: security and stability release
2.2.6 2018-02-17 Version 2.2.6 - Come by Chance: security and stability release
2.2.7 2018-03-10 Version 2.2.7 - Skookumchuck: security and stability release
2.2.8 2018-07-28 Version 2.2.8 - Flin Flon: PHP7.2 compatibility improvements

See also


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