censhare is a commercial Digital Experience Platform in the form of an Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) by the German software manufacturer censhare AG. It integrates all of the entered media information in a single system, organizes content and automates the respective processes.[1] The platform integrates the applications Collaboration and Process Management, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Omnichannel Content Management, Brand Management and Marketing Resource Management. censhare is an Editorial System as well as a Web Content Management System.[1] It can be used for cross-media publishing of content in different media such as Multi Format Publishing, Cross-Media Publishing and Multi Channel Publishing.[1] The system is used in media houses and other companies and institutions for the generation and output of content in conventional, standard communication media, as well as for corporate communication, marketing, brand management, multichannel marketing, the processing of sales publications and for collaboration. On a technical level the content, templates, layouts, structures and user accounts are stored and managed separately in a central graph database.

The censhare system is regarded as a "Global Publishing" product and ranks among the eight leading publishing systems worldwide.[2][3]


censhare AG has its headquarters in Germany in Munich and Freiburg, where the product is developed and additional offices in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Benelux, Nordics and India.


Product Development

The development of the system started in 2001 and was launched on the market in 2002 as CoWare Server. Since version 2.0 the system has been sold under the censhare name. In 2008 the production company CoWare AG was renamed as censhare AG.[2]

The system consists of individual applications and is offered in different configurations all the way through to an "all-in-one" platform for communication and marketing. Main versions are usually issued every other year, minor versions are issued regularly three times a year, while updates are provided according to requirements.

In addition to the further development of products, censhare AG participates as official partner in the Adobe InDesign IDML development (InDesign Markup Language) of Adobe Systems.[4]

History of versions


The censhare system is a commercial system and is for sale as a solution configured according to requirements and provides the required licensesaccordingly. In addition, since May 2009, various communication products are available like censhare SaaS according to the SaaS model at monthly rental prices, whereby the terms range from 12 to 48 months.[5]


The censhare system is currently (2015) used by more than 150 national and international companies and institutions. Customers include media companies such as book publishing companies, corporate publishers, specialist publishers, magazine and newspaper publishing companies as well as financial services providers, agencies, media services providers, public administrations and companies active in the industrial and commercial sectors. The system is currently used by the following corporations, for example:[6]


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