Chromium Embedded Framework
Chromium Embedded Framework
Chromium Embedded Framework Logo.png
Developer(s) Marshall Greenblatt
Initial release June 1, 2009; 9 years ago (2009-06-01)
Stable release
65.3325[1] / January 2018 (2018-01)
Development status Active
Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Mac OS X
Type Framework, Web browser
License New BSD License (see BSD licenses)

The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is an open source framework for embedding a web browser engine based on the Chromium core. It allows developers to add web browser control and implement an HTML5-based layout GUI in a desktop application or to provide web browser capabilities to a software application or game, and provides the infrastructure for developers to add HTML rendering and JavaScript to a C++ project. It also comes with bindings for C, C++, Delphi, Go, Java, .NET / Mono, Visual Basic 6.0, and Python and runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


There are two versions of Chromium Embedded Framework: CEF 1 and CEF 3.[2] Development of CEF 2 was abandoned after the appearance of the Chromium Content API.[3]

CEF 1 is a single-process implementation based on the Chromium WebKit API. It is no longer actively developed or supported.[4]

CEF 3 is a multi-process implementation based on the Chromium Content API and has performance similar to Google Chrome.[5] It uses asynchronous messaging to communicate between the main application process and one or more render processes (Blink + V8 JavaScript engine). It supports PPAPI plugins and extensions, both internal (PDF viewer) or externally loadable. The single-process run mode is not supported, but still present; currently is being used for debugging purposes only.[6]

CEF comes with a sample application called CefClient that is written in C++ using WinAPI, Cocoa, or GTK (depending on the platform) and contains demos of various features.[7][8] Newer versions include a sample application called CefSimple that, along with an accompanying tutorial, show how to create a simple application using CEF 3.[9]

Documentation can be found in the header files located in the "include" directory[10][11] and on wiki pages.[12]

Spotify maintains development and stable branches builds for Linux, Mac and Windows in 32- and 64-bit forms.

Supported languages

The base CEF framework includes support for the C and C++ programming languages, but there are external projects that provide bindings for other languages:

  • Delphi (CEF1) - DCEF 1[13]
  • Delphi (CEF3) - DCEF 3[14]
  • Delphi (CEF3) - CEF4Delphi[15]
  • Delphi (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • Dyalog APL (CEF3) - HTML Renderer[16]
  • Free Pascal (CEF3) - fpCEF3[17]
  • Go (CEF3) - CEF2go[18]
  • Java (CEF3) - Java Chromium Embedded[19]
  • .NET (CEF1, CEF3) - CefSharp[20]
  • .NET (CEF1) - CefGlue[21]
  • .NET/Mono (CEF3) - Xilium.CefGlue[22]
  • .NET (CEF3) - ChromiumFX[23]
  • Python (CEF1, CEF3) - CEF Python[24]
  • Swift (CEF3) - CEF.swift[25]
  • Visual Basic 6 (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX[26]
  • Visual FoxPro (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • PowerBuilder (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • Ruby (via the 'win32ole' library) (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • Visual Basic for Applications 2003/2007/2010/2015/2016 (VBA, Access, Excel, only 32-bit) (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010/2015/2017 (VB.Net, C#, only for 32-bit) (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • Xojo 2017 (any Windows version, only for 32-bit) (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • Qt (any Windows version, only for 32-bit) (CEF3) - WebKitX CEF3 ActiveX
  • CodeTyphon Studio -package pl_CEF

Applications using CEF

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