Mobile CRM Systems

This article is a comparison of notable mobile CRM systems. ERP systems, are considered a superset of CRM systems.


The market for mobile CRM applications is currently seeing record growth as new products and services around mobile CRM are being developed. The benefits of mobile CRM application have been demonstrated in a paper by Grandhi & Chugh (2012) through the case of Dow Corning and DirecTV where the introduction of SAP CRM system helped to improve their customer relations.[1] Analysis of the two organisations revealed that mobile CRM applications are not only helping them to improve relationship with customers, but also helping to reduce the costs of acquiring new customers.[1]


Only stable releases are considered.

System Creator Last Updated Android Tablet Application iOS Tablet Application Mobile Platforms Offline Access Free Mobile Access
Base CRM Base CRM 2018 Yes Yes iOS,[2]Android,[3]Windows Phone[4] Yes Yes
Elements CRM Elements CRM 2013 No Yes iOS[5] Yes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft 2015 Yes/Third Party Yes/Third party Windows Phone[6] Yes Yes
Oracle CRM Oracle Corporation 2013 Yes Yes iOS,[7]Android[8] Yes Yes
Pipedrive Pipedrive 2018 Yes Yes iOS,[9]Android,[10] Yes Yes
Salesforce [11] Marc Benioff 2013 No Yes iOS,[12]Android[13] Yes Yes
SAP CRM SAP 2013 Yes Yes iOS,[14]Android[15] Yes Yes
Zoho CRM ZOHO Corporation 2013 Yes Yes iOS,[16]Android[17] Yes No

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