Geeklog is open-source software that works as a Weblog, CMS or Web Portal."[4] It is written in PHP and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server as a database backend.[4][5][6]


Geeklog has historically focused on "performance, privacy, and security."[7] In March 2010, the Geeklog project slogan was changed to "The secure CMS." in an effort to more accurately reflect the differentiating features compared to other content management systems.[8] Other Geeklog features include "comments, polls, calendar, web links, content syndication, and more."[4] Geeklog supports the Trackback and Pingback standards as well as content syndication by way of the automatic publication of RSS Feeds.[9] Geeklog (in a manner similar to Movable Type and pMachine) allows one to "set fine-grained permission levels for each individual user."[10] Geeklog is also "easily extensible via a modules API."[11]

Many web hosting companies "automatically install open source blogging applications like Geeklog" "as part of their basic Web site packages."[12] As such, it is "one of the more popular choices for a Web-based Content Management System along with WordPress and Drupal."[13] Geeklog is available to many webmasters since it is included with the commercial web hosting software installers Fantastico,[14]Softaculous,[15] and Installatron[16] that are bundled with many web hosting plans, although installations of Geeklog via these third-party installers may have support issues.[17][18]

Geeklog is still under active development, as evidenced by its acceptance as a mentor organization into the Google Summer of Code[19][20] for years 2007,[21] 2008,[22] 2009,[23] and 2010.[24] Geeklog is the content management system used by notable web sites such as Groklaw and Mac OS X Hints which have been in continuous operation since 2003 and 2000, respectively.[25][26][27][28]


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