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The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Thai script and Tai Tham script in resource articles containing Northern Thai words.

IPA Northern Thai Tai Tham English approximation
b ? Lanna-23.png abash
d ?,? Lanna-17.png ado
f ?,? Lanna-26.png,Lanna-28.png food
h ?,? Lanna-38.png,Lanna-32.png,Lanna-41.png head
j ?,, Lanna-44.png yak
k ? Lanna-1.png,Lanna-4.png scan
l ?,?, Lanna-33.png,Lanna-32.png,Lanna-39.png leaf
m ?, Lanna-30.png much
n ?,?, Lanna-16.png,Lanna-22.png not
? ?, Lanna-7.png bang
? ? Lanna-13.png,Lanna-31.png canyon
p ? Lanna-24.png,Lanna-27.png span
p? ?,?,? Lanna-25.png,Lanna-29.png pan
r ?, Lanna-32.png roughly like water (American English)
s ?,?,?,?,?,?,? Lanna-9.png,Lanna-11.png,Lanna-12.png,Lanna-35.png,Lanna-36.png,Lanna-37.png sue
t ?,? Lanna-14.png,Lanna-18.png,Lanna-20.png stable
t? ?,?,?,?,?,? Lanna-15.png,Lanna-15-5.png,Lanna-19.png,Lanna-21.png table
t ? Lanna-8.png,Lanna-10.png question
w ?, Lanna-34.png way
x ?,?,?,?,? Lanna-2.png,Lanna-3.png,Lanna-5.png,Lanna-6.png can
? ?, ? Lanna-40.png,Lanna-aq.png the catch in uh-oh
IPA Description
a: = ?: mid [a:?]
à: low [a:] or [a:?]
â: falling [a:]
a?: high falling [a:]
á: high [a:]
?: rising [a:]
IPA Northern Thai[1] Tai Tham script English approximation
Short vowels
a , Lanna-aq.png, Lanna-sat.png cut
e , ? Lanna-e.png?Lanna-aq.png, Lanna-e.pngLanna-sat.png roughly like say
? , ? Lanna-ae.png?Lanna-aq.png, Lanna-ae.pngLanna-sat.png roughly like bat
i , Lanna-i.png, Lanna-Pali-i.png happy
o , Lanna-o.png?Lanna-aq.png,Lanna-kon?.png go without u sound (shorter)
? ?, ? Lanna-o.pngLanna-or-in.pngLanna-aq.png off
u , Lanna-u.png,Lanna-Pali-u.png loot (shorter)
? , Lanna-ue.png good
? ? Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.pngLanna-aq.png roughly like hurt (shorter)
Long vowels
a: , Lanna-aa.png,Lanna-aa-luang.png bra
e: , Lanna-e.png?,Lanna-Pali-e.png play
?: , Lanna-ae.png? roughly like man
i: , Lanna-ii.png green
o: , Lanna-o.png?,Lanna-o.png?Lanna-aa.png go without u sound
?: , Lanna-ang.png,Lanna-or-in.png dog
u: , , Lanna-uu.png moon
?: , Lanna-ueue.png good (longer)
?: , ? Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.png roughly like fur
ia?, i Lanna-e.pngLanna-sat.pngLanna-yy.png No English equivalent
ia, i? ?, Lanna-e.pngLanna-sat.pngLanna-medial-y.png idea
ua?, u ? Lanna-ua.pngLanna-aq.png No English equivalent
ua, u? , Lanna-ua.png poor (British English)
?a?, Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.pngLanna-aq.png No English equivalent
?a, ?, Lanna-e.pngLanna-oe-in.png No English equivalent


  1. ^ Vowels diacritics are shown on a dotted circle "?".

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