Hong Kong Economic Times
Hong Kong Economic Times
Type Financial Daily[1]
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited
Publisher Hong Kong Economic Times Limited
Founded 26 Jan 1988
Political alignment Financial & Professional
Language Chinese(Traditional)
Headquarters 6/F, Kodak House II, 321 Java Road, North Point Hong Kong
Website www.hket.com

Hong Kong Economic Times (26 January 1988), the leading financial daily in Hong Kong, was founded by Mr. Fung Siu Por, Lawrence (Chairman), Mr. Perry Mak (Managing Director), Mr. Arthur Shek (Executive Director) and other founders with HK$20 million of foundation fund in 1988. Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 3 August 2005 (SEHK00423).

HKET, the leading financial daily in Hong Kong, adheres to the editorial principle of reporting and writing in a professional writing style, mainly focusing on finance, main news, social and mainland China news, commerce & trade, property, executive & market, together with entertainment, columns and leisure. In order to have first-hand news reports on China's political and economic issues, a reporter station is set up in Beijing. HKET's major readers are businessmen, executives, investors and professionals, middle class etc. HKET is one of local newspapers mostly subscribed by secondary schools' students.

Editorial reporting and writing

Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), together with another financial newspaper, Hong Kong Economic Journal, specialize in columns writing, political and economic analysis. However, HKET has not only diversified content into health, human resources, pop culture etc. in recent years, but also enhanced the use of color and image layout. Established with over two decades of history, HKET has well developed into a leading financial daily.

Unlike lots of financial media, HKET doesn't strongly believe in the free market and the invisible hand. They had repeatedly asked the Hong Kong Government to intervene in the stock market during the 911 incident and 97 financial turmoil, while raising doubts and questions for the discussion of sales tax issue planned by the government. The tax plan was eventually withdrawn in the controversy. In dealing with China-related political issues, HKET maintained relatively moderate stance while reporting the yearly commemoration of protests.

Magazine tied in with HKET

  • Money Times (Mondays) - Specialized in providing information about stock market trends, wealth management, foreign exchange and funds. Financial experts giving tips for investment every week.
  • Property Times (Saturdays) - A property magazine with features and practical tips for transaction, interior design; also cover properties in the mainland. (Also for retail sale)


Other than the print version of HKET, hket.com also provides the digital edition of HKET with daily printed news and the past news archive from 2005.

HKET ET-Learning Online English Learning System

ET-Learning was launched in 2009 with a newly developed Online English Learning System focusing on New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum structure. With over 90 text types, 5,000 vocabulary items etc for polishing listening, reading and writing skills, students can learn and progress at their own pace, while enhancing their English proficiency step by step. ET-Learning System is mainly targeting secondary 4 & 5 students, while junior secondary vocabulary on tourism is designed for junior students.

Other HKET School Publications subscription

  • Econ School??????(Mondays & Thursdays)
  • Liberal Studies??????(Mondays & Thursdays)
  • English Street?????(Mondays & Thursdays)
  • School Chinese??????(Thursdays)
  • ?????(Wednesdays)
  • Together with daily online version of HKET

Printed media segment of Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited

Apart from HKET, other publications under the printed media segment of the group include:

  • Sky Post, a free newspaper (Mondays to Fridays)

Launched on 27 July 2011. Sky Post has over 500,000 daily circulation which is the second highest circulation among all newspapers in Hong Kong. It is a neutral, positive and vivid free Chinese daily. It carries up-to-date and practical contents targeting middle class including local, international, China, finance, entertainment, parenting, health and travel news.

  • e-zone, a mass market IT magazine (Thursdays) (For retail sale)

A mass market IT weekly magazine that focuses on trends in information and communications technology. It features application of PC hardware and software, tablet and smartphones how-to, digital AV products highlights and analysis on corporate IT strategies. e-zone was spun off from HKET for total retail sale in late 2003.

  • U Magazine, a travel and lifestyle magazine (Fridays) (For retail sale)

U Magazine, a travel and lifestyle magazine, was launched in December 2005. It is a 3-book stylish package, namely Travel, Food and Life+Weekend, focusing on travel and quality living. It covers global travel information and stories, dining guide, city features, upcoming events of the town, entertainment news and interviews of the week and so on.

  • iMoney, a financial retail weekly (Saturdays) (For retail sale)

iMoney was a financial weekly launched on 27 October 2007. Its contents focus on wealth management, together with innovative business, marketing gimmicks, workplaces, self-enhancement, etc., covering HK and the Mainland China markets. It is published every Saturday.

Book publishing

  • ET Press is providing its readers with contents about investment, business and management. In addition, riding on the success of ET Press, WHY Publishing aims at targeting young readers.

Other business segments of HKET Holdings

Apart from Printed Media business segment, HKET Holdings has diversified its business into Financial News Agency, Information and Solutions; Recruitment Advertising and Training; and Lifestyle Portals.

Board of directors

  • Executive Directors: Mr. Fung Siu Por, Lawrence, Mr. Perry Mak, Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Arthur Shek, Ms Salome See;
  • Non-executive Director: Mr. Stanley Chu;
  • Independent Non-executive Directors: Mr. Andrew Chow, Mr. F.C. Lo, Mr. O'Yang Wiley, Professor Leung Gabriel Matthew

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  1. ^ Monday to Saturday. Some dates are skipped such as public holidays or days before and after them.

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