Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
Specific city
Korean transcription(s)
 o Hangul ???
 o Hanja ???
 o  Hwaseong-si
 o  Hwas?ng-si
Gungpyeong Port
Gungpyeong Port
Flag of Hwaseong
Location in South Korea
Location in South Korea
Coordinates: 37°11?59?N 126°49?53?E / 37.19972°N 126.83139°E / 37.19972; 126.83139
Country  South Korea


Metropolitan area Sudogwon
Administrative divisions 4 eup, 9 myeon, 13 dong
 o Total 689.48 km2 (266.21 sq mi)
Population (December 31, 2016)
 o Total 640,890
 o Density 929.53/km2 (2,407.5/sq mi)
 o Dialect Seoul

Hwaseong (Korean pronunciation: [hwa.s]) is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It has the largest area of farmland of any city or county in Gyeonggi Province.[1]Seoul Subway Line 1 passes through Hwaseong, stopping at Byeongjeom Station.


Universal Studios

On November 27, 2007 the city was chosen as the site for the future Universal Studios South Korea theme park. Originally set to open in 2016, it will be the world's largest Universal Studios theme park, being larger than all the other four combined.[2] The USD $3.1 billion park is expected to create at least 58,000 new jobs.[3] In 2014, the project was put on hold. The plan was restarted in 2015, and K-Water (Korean Water Resources Corporation) was chosen as a business partner. Universal Studios South Korea was projected to open in 2020,[4] but the project was cancelled as no investor was interested. [5]


Hwaseong city is located in the western area of the Korean Peninsula. The temperatures in winter are low along the coast since it is located in the lower plains and close to the Yellow Sea (West Sea), where the water is shallow.[6] Additionally, Siberian air flows directly into the western flatlands of the Korean peninsula, making several areas colder.


Hwaseong is populated by 49% male South Korean citizens, 46% South Korean females, and 5% foreign residents. With 236,241 homes, there are on average 2.8 people per registered place of residence in the city. With the exceptions of Byeongjeom 2-dong, Dongtan 2-dong and Dongtan 3-dong, there is a larger number of males than females in every division of the city.[7]

Administrative divisions

Hwaseong has 4 towns (eup), 9 townships (myeon) and 13 neighborhoods (dong). Each eup and myeon is further divided into villages (ri). In October 2014, Namyang-dong was downgraded to an eup- the first case in South Korea. "Hwaseong is old name of Suwon 'Hwaseong' castle built by king Jeonjo of Yi dynasty. West area mainly called Namyang , East area called new city of Byeongjeom and Dongtan 1 new city. East side new city is under construction as Dongtan 2 city with 300,000 population smart city including SRT Dongtan high speed rail station, Ease side of Gyeongbu expressway in the Hwaseong East area started operation since December 2017. West Hwaseong is segrated by Seohae expressway from Ansan to Pyeongtaek port.

Place Population (2016.06.30) Household Area (km2)
Sum 619,766 236,241 689.7
Bongdam-eup 69,941 24,887 42.7
Ujeong-eup 18,090 8,101 59.7
Hyangnam-eup 70,374 28,560 50.0
Namyang-eup 26,917 11,615 67.0
Maesong-myeon 8,317 3,675 27.4
Bibong-myeon 5,863 2,810 38.5
Mado-myeon 6,762 3,347 31.7
Songsan-myeon 11,287 5,205 53.9
Seosin-myeon 6,993 3,639 43.2
Paltan-myeon 10,556 5,784 50.9
Jangan-myeon 10,983 5,297 67.7
Yanggam-myeon 4,235 2,237 31.1
Jeongnam-myeon 12,487 5,926 40.6
Jinan-dong 36,351 16,266 6.2
Byeongjeom 1(il)-dong 28,520 9,983 1.5
Byeongjeom 2(i)-dong 26,758 8,892 1.0
Banwol-dong 27,024 8,566 3.9
Gibae-dong 14,859 4,843 4.2
Hwasan-dong 23,494 9,137 11.6
Dongtan 1(il)-dong 53,494 18,728 5.3
Dongtan 2(i)-dong 37,246 11,669 2.2
Dongtan 3(sam)-dong 44,354 15,369 1.9
Dongtan 4(sa)-dong
Dongtan 5(o)-dong
Dongtan 6(yuk)-dong

Local products

Many special products are sold in the Hwaseong area that are different from other regions of Gyeonggi-do. There are many facilities that grow products ranging from honey melons to herbs. Additionally, meat and dairy products are also available. Hangwa is also made by local companies as a specialty.


Notable residents

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