Intelligence Studies

Intelligence studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that concerns intelligence assessment. Intelligence has been referred to as the "lost dimension" of the fields of international relations (IR) and diplomatic history, as the secretive nature of the subject means most intelligence successes are unknown.[1]

Among the academic journals concentrating on the subject are the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business and Intelligence and National Security, while other periodicals in the fields of IR and security studies, such as International Security, publish articles concerned with intelligence studies regularly.

Many universities, such as Aberystwyth, teach intelligence studies as an independent degree or as part of courses in IR, security studies, military science or related subjects.[2]

Intelligence studies and international relations

Until recently, IR scholars had limited interest in intelligence assessment. Even historical strategists such as Clausewitz and Machiavelli paid scant attention to intelligence.[3] In British universities, intelligence studies developed within international history departments, while in US institutions it became the preserve of political science, and even then the subject was approached in terms of public policy and decision-making rather than IR.[4] Recently attempts to connect intelligence studies with international relations theory have emerged, such as Andrew Rathmell's work on a postmodern theory of intelligence.[4]


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