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In journalism, local news refers to coverage of events, by the news, in a local context that wouldn't be an interest of another locality, or otherwise be of national or international scope.


Opt-outs of local television news are frequent before, during, or after national evening news television programming. Often times, television networks can also commission or make provisions for their local stations to produce a longer standalone local news programmes. In some cases, local television markets/viewing areas within a country may even have a dedicated 24-hour local news channel.


Local news largely covers the following:

  • local sports
  • local crime and justice
  • local weather
  • local business and economy
  • local events
  • local education
  • local politics
  • local traffic updates (especially during morning newscasts)

National and international news, however, tend to cover a wider range of content, including news concerning specialized institutions of wide-ranging international power or influence, such as:

  • (inter)national political and intergovernmental events
  • stock markets
  • (inter)national sports competitions
  • regional environmental events
  • media/entertainment events
  • science/technology events
  • air traffic/aviatory transport events
  • defense/security events

Practices in each country

In the United States, local news is provided on local commercial broadcasting channels (some of which are television network affiliates). They can either be standalone newscasts that run for at least a half-hour or short segments that air attached to national morning newscasts approximately 25 and 55 minutes past the hour. As not all stations are owned and operated by a television network, the graphics, branding, and studio designs of a station's newscasts often differ from the network they are affiliated with although in recent years, affiliates have made some form of on-air reference to their corresponding networks in the branding of their newscasts. In addition, the local news departments of stations also superimpose their on-screen digital clocks, thermometers, and (occasionally) local news tickers on graphics provided by networks during morning network newscasts. Some cable channels are dedicated to local news coverage. Examples of this include NY1 in New York and NewsChannel 8 in the Washington DC market.

In the United Kingdom, most local news is provided on a local network station with similar branding and studio design to that of the national network news. Examples of this include the nationally networked BBC News and its regional news services such as BBC North West Tonight (on BBC North West) and BBC Newsline (on BBC Northern Ireland); the nationally networked ITV News and its regional stations including ITV Granada and UTV. The long version of BBC and ITV's local news shows often air during the 18:00 hour on weekday evenings. STV, which simulcasts most of the ITV network's programmes in Scotland, is not owned and operated by ITV but has its own branded newscast that broadcasts Scottish-centred news at the same time as ITV's regional news services.

In France, most local news is aired on France Televisions' France 3. Additionally BFM TV also has a local news channel for the Ile-de-France region called BFM Paris.

Norway's public broadcaster, NRK1, airs a local news programme called NRK Distriktsnyheter (name of viewing area) every weekday evening at 18:45 Central European Time, just before the main national newscast Dagsrevyen. A replay of all local newscasts across the country is shown on NRK2 the following morning (Tuesday to Saturday).

In Sweden, SVT's regional news is simply called SVT Nyheter (name of viewing area) which shares the same branding as the network's main newscast, Rapport. Unlike SVT's counterparts in the US and UK, during morning programmes, the local news opt-out airs in the middle of each half-hour. Since June 2007, the morning regional cut-ins no longer feature an in-studio presenters but instead show compiled short reports from various correspondents across the region. When SVT World was still airing, the simulcast of the morning programme featured a different regional opt-out during each half-hour. A 13-minute standalone local newscast airs at 18:30 Central European Time each weekday evening after Sportnytt (SVT's sport news) on SVT1. Additionally, a short local news segment is incorporated into SVT's other evening newscast Aktuellt which airs on SVT2. In that case, this local news segment shares the same branding and graphics as Aktuellt. There are no local SVT newscasts on Saturdays.


A lot of newspapers specialise in covering the cities they are based in. Although paper copies of local newspapers are usually sold and circulated exclusively in the local areas they operate in, companies may make digital copies of their newspapers available to interested readers directly on their website or through services such as PressReader often with a paid subscription.

In the United States, although newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post have a 'national' focus on their front pages, they still have dedicated sections for news in the areas they are based in. Weather sections also highlight conditions in the local area and the sport sections feature local teams alongside national sport stories. Their local editions also feature local classified ads.

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