Minet El-Beida
Minet el-Beida
Duck container, a toilette article designed to hold make-up. Hippopotamus tusk, 13th century BC. Found at Minet el-Beida.
Duck container found at Minet el-Beida.
Located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria
Located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria
Shown within Syria
Alternative name Ma'hadu
Location Latakia, Syria
Coordinates 35°36?25?N 35°46?34?E / 35.607°N 35.776°E / 35.607; 35.776
Type settlement, port
Founded late fifteenth century BC
Periods Bronze Age
Cultures Canaanite
Satellite of Ugarit
Events Bronze Age collapse
Site notes
Excavation dates 1928--1935
Archaeologists Claude F. A. Schaeffer
Ownership Public
Public access No

Minet el-Beida (Arabic: ‎, The White Harbor; or ancient Ma'hadu) is a small bay located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) north of Latakia, Syria on the Mediterranean Sea. [1] It is an important archaeological site because it served as the harbor town and necropolis for Ugarit.

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