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MDN Web Docs, previously Mozilla Developer Network and formerly Mozilla Developer Center, is the official Mozilla website for development documentation of web standards and Mozilla projects.[1]


The project was started in 2005, and initially led by Mozilla Corporation employee Deb Richardson in 2005. Documentation efforts have been led by Eric Shepherd since 2006.[2]

The initial content for the website was provided by DevEdge, for which the Mozilla Foundation was granted a license by AOL.[3][2] The site now contains a mix of content migrated from DevEdge and, as well as original and more up-to-date content.[4][5] Documentation was also migrated from

MDN has a discussion forum and an IRC channel #mdn on the Mozilla IRC Network. MDN is funded by the Mozilla Corporation with servers and employees.

With the release on Oct 3, 2016, Brave web browser features Mozilla Developer Network as one of its search engines option. [6]

About MDN

Mozilla Developer Network is a resource for developers, maintained by the community of developers and technical writers and hosting many documents on a wide variety of subjects, such as: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, Node.js, WebExtensions and MathML. For mobile web developers, MDN provides documentation on subjects such as building an HTML5 mobile app, building a mobile add-on, and location-aware apps.[7]


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