Palencia Baloncesto
Palencia Baloncesto
Palencia Baloncesto logo
Leagues LEB Oro
Founded 1979; 39 years ago (1979)
History Palencia Baloncesto
Arena Pabellón Municipal
Capacity 5,000
Location Palencia, Spain
Team colors Purple and Grey
President Gonzalo Ibáñez
Head coach Sergio García
Championships 1 LEB Oro Championship
2 Copa Princesa de Asturias
1 LEB Plata Championship
1 Copa LEB Plata
2 Copa Castilla y León

Palencia Baloncesto, officially named as CD Maristas Palencia, is a professional Basketball team based in Palencia, Castile and León. The team currently plays in league LEB Oro.


The club was founded in 1979 at Colegio Marista of Palencia, with the aim to support farm teams competing at provincial and regional tournaments.

The professional basketball team was created on 1997 and played during five years at Liga EBA before being invited to join the LEB Plata. On the 2008-09, Palencia Baloncesto won the Copa LEB Plata and was champion of this league, promoting for the first time in their history to LEB Oro, the Spanish second division.

In 2014 Palencia Baloncesto was defeated by CB Tizona in the promotion playoffs finals to Liga ACB by 1-3. Two years later, the club achieved the promotion by finishing as champion of the 2015-16 LEB Oro season and the Copa Princesa de Asturias,[1] but resigned to promote due to the impossibility to fulfill the requirements.[2]


CD Maristas Palencia had several denominations through the years:

  • Maristas Palencia: 1979-2002
  • Hormigones Saldaña Palencia: 2002-2005
  • Provincia de Palencia: 2005-2006
  • Alimentos de Palencia: 2006-2008
  • Faymasa Palencia: 2008-2009
  • Palencia Baloncesto: 2009-2013
  • Quesos Cerrato Palencia: 2013-2017
  • Chocolates Trapa Palencia: 2017-present


Current roster

Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.

Depth chart

Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Bench 2
C Moussa Kone Rokas Gustys
PF Urko Otegui Nikola Cvetinovi?
SF Calvin Hermanson Carlos Toledo Adnan Omegari?
SG Steve Vasturia Jordi Grimau
PG Jorge Sanz Aitor Zubizarreta Miguel Ángel Caballero

Colours: Blue = homegrown player; Red = non-FIBA Europe player

Head coaches

  • Natxo Lezkano 2008-2015
  • Porfirio Fisac 2015
  • Sergio García 2015-

Season by season

Pabellón Municipal, formerly known as Pabellón Marta Domínguez, before its expansion.
Season Tier Division Pos. W-L Cup Competitions
2000-01 4 Liga EBA 13th 10-20
2001-02 4 Liga EBA 10th 16-18
2002-03 4 Liga EBA 1st 26-6
2003-04 4 Liga EBA 4th 21-9
2004-05 4 Liga EBA 3rd[a] 27-7
2005-06 3 LEB 2 10th 13-17
2006-07 3 LEB 2 7th 18-19
2007-08 3 LEB Plata 13th 12-22 Copa LEB Plata SF
2008-09 3 LEB Plata 1st 20-10 Copa LEB Plata C
2009-10 2 LEB Oro 13th 14-20
2010-11 2 LEB Oro 16th 15-22
2011-12 2 LEB Oro 11th 18-16
2012-13 2 LEB Oro 4th 18-16
2013-14 2 LEB Oro 3rd 26-10 Copa Príncipe RU
2014-15 2 LEB Oro 8th 15-16 Copa Príncipe C
2015-16 2 LEB Oro 1st[b] 23-7 Copa Princesa C
2016-17 2 LEB Oro 3rd 28-18
2017-18 2 LEB Oro 5th 21-21
  1. ^ Achieved one of the vacant berths in LEB 2.
  2. ^ Did not promote to Liga ACB as the club did not meet the requirements.

Trophies and awards


Individual awards

All-LEB Oro Team

  • Urko Otegui - 2013
  • Marc Blanch - 2016

Notable players


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  2. ^ "Comunicado oficial: Inscripción de Quesos Cerrato Palencia y Melilla" (in Spanish). 14 June 2016. Retrieved 2016.

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