Post-click Marketing

Post-click marketing is emerging as a recognized practice that aims at improving sales and marketing results by focusing on website visitors when they respond to online marketing activities such as pay per click advertising, HTML e-mails, and paid searches with the objective on increasing conversion rates.

Post-click marketing relies on specific software and services that go beyond the information collected by popular web analytic tools such as Google Analytics. For example, they distinguish themselves in their ability to supplement IP addresses with data from third-party sources, enabling marketing managers to view the name of the company visiting their website, their location, and the industry they are in.

There are many ways in which this information gathered about website visitors can be used. Marketers might wish to use the information to detect if they are attracting their desired target audience to their landing pages, or to personalize the content based on the visitor's language or location. Inside Sales tend to use it for lead generation purposes, writing emails to email contacts they can find for the visiting organization.

Post-click marketing solutions appeal on many fronts:

  • Businesses paying for the traffic to their website through pay per click, search engine optimization and other online activities use these tools to discover more about the estimated 98% (quoted by a case paper from the Marketing Sherpa) of visitors who don't immediately convert into a lead.
  • Inside Sales can view the keywords used by specific visitors to help qualify a person who has filled in a form on a landing page.
  • Sales managers also find them attractive in their ability to generate email alerts to them when important customers visit their website.

These tools are not so much lead generation software but more data extraction tools that can assist the early stages of a lead generation process.

With pressure to generate more leads with small budgets, these services are likely to grow in usage. If used properly, they provide a powerful insight to marketing executives who want to measure online campaigns based on the type of audiences they are attracting, and can be helpful in engaging visitors who normally go totally unidentified by sales and marketing.


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