Rodrigo Medina De La Cruz
Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz
Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz Gobernador.jpg
Governor of Nuevo León

October 4, 2009 - October 3, 2015
José Natividad González Parás
Jaime Rodríguez Calderón
Personal details
Born (1972-09-09) September 9, 1972 (age 45)
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Political party Institutional Revolutionary Party

Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz (born September 9, 1972 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) is Mexican politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). He served as Governor of Nuevo León from 2009 to 2015.[1] He was linked by Operation Tornado prosecution to legal proceedings against him for embezzlement, property crimes, abuse of authority and unjust enrichment among 14 other public servers, deputies and former deputies as well as relatives and partners of the politician. For that reason he was held in preventive custody on January 26, 2017.[2] The next day, January 27, 2017, a federal judge ordered his release.

Political career

Medina's political career has been linked to Jose Natividad Gonzalez Paras to whom he served in different positions. In 2006 Medina was elected federal deputy representing the 2nd federal electoral district in Nuevo Leon. In 2009 Medina ran for Governor of Nuevo Leon; he won defeating PAN candidate Fernando Elizondo Barragan[3]

Medina took office as Governor of Nuevo Leon on October 4, 2009.

In Nuevo Leon Rodrigo worked for the Natividad Gonzalez' Administration and later decided to make a campaign for the State's Government which he won in 2009.

After five and a half years, he took the state's debt from $25,000 Mdp to over $100,000 Mdp.

The newly elect Governor of the state, Jaime Rodriguez on an interview for El Norte said that the finances of the state are orphan (without mother)[4] to express the state of the finances.

The FBI and DEA opened an investigation of the Medina family because of the properties they have mainly in San Antonio, TX[5]

Medina denies the charges and he declares that all the wealth he has, has been obtained with his hard work since it hasn't been easy to plan how to get all the money from the state[6] and it required hard work and dedication during the six years period.

His administration ended on October 3, 2015. He has been declared the governor with the highest debt ever for the state of Nuevo Leon since he took the debt from 25,000 Million pesos to an estimated 120,000 Million pesos including short term debt.[7]


Royal Casino

See also: Attack of Monterrey of 2011

On August 25, 2011 there was an attack on Casino Royale in which 52 people lost their lives.25 On August 28, 2011 more than a thousand people demonstrated in a march against insecurity called by citizens and businessmen in front of the Government Palace of the State of Nuevo León after the Monterrey Bombing of 201126 During the demonstration, a group of young people interrupted scheduled speeches knocking on the doors of the Government Palace with intent to enter the office of Governor Rodrigo Medina to remove his belongings.27 28 By August 29, the arrest of 5 people implicated in the attack was known29 and a few days later the capture of the person who ordered the fire was made public.30 One year after the attack, 19 suspects were arrested. , including the intellectual author.31 During the investigations into the events, a scandal broke out as some casino owners announced that they had received threats to close down or set fire to their establishments in case they did not pay extortion fees. As evidence of the extortion, videos were presented showing Jonás Larrazabal, brother of the then mayor of Monterrey, Fernando Larrazabal, receiving several payments at bookmakers as alleged evidence of said extortions.32 On August 28, 2011 a demonstration of more than a thousand people gathered outside the government palace of Nuevo Leon to demand the resignation of Rodrigo Medina and other state and municipal officials.33 On October 7, 2011, it was announced that the governor took two business days to travel with his family to Orlando, Florida, United States, assuring that he "works by telephone" .34 In July 2014, Governor Rodrigo Medina endorsed Isselteleón's decision to deliver 2,199 leaves without useful information in response to an order from the Commission on Transparency and Access to Information (CTAI). This information is related to the Isbeleón economic loss of almost 288 million pesos, which rose to 359 million pesos for acquiring unsecured mortgage instruments.35 On October 4, 2015, Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, Medina's successor, announced that his predecessor left a debt of 100 billion Mexican pesos in the state of Nuevo León.36 The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit calculated the debt in 61 billion pesos.

Kia Motors Case

On August 27, 2014 at the Technological Museum of Mexico City President Enrique Peña Nieto, Rodrigo Medina and officials of the company Kia Motors announced an investment in Mexico of $ 1.5 billion, mainly for the construction of an assembly plant of cars in the municipality of Pesquería. The measure would involve the creation of 28 thousand jobs.37 On November 19, 2015, Governor Rodríguez made public through his Facebook account the contracts signed by the state government, headed by Medina, with Kía Motors on the 30th of November. June 2014,38 revealing that the Korean company had been granted advantageous conditions such as the exemption of payroll taxes for 20 years, the payment of the property tax to the municipality of Pesquería for five years, preferential rates for water, electricity and gas, the possibility that it is the Kía Motors company that decides which business will be installed in 10 kilometers around its plant, as well as the construction with public funds of facilities such as schools.39 The tax incentives granted by the government of Nuevo Leon, according to subsequent investigations, would be superior to those determined by Mexican laws40 and were calculated at three thousand 689 million pesos.41 These incentives they would be extended to suppliers of the Korean company.42 According to a later accusation, the agreement with Kia was approved in a few hours without the supervision of the State Economic Development Secretariat, as determined by law, and would have presented blank spaces. 43

The purchase of the land of the plant was made under alleged irregular conditions.42 On April 16, 2013, the real estate company Galord bought in Pesquería land for 55 million pesos, which were sold to the state government in 186.42 The real estate was created one month before the financial operation by Bernardo Castillón Gómez and Juan Manuel García Cañamar, the first according to journalistic investigations, is compadre of Rodrigo Medina and the second would also be close to the politician.44 The transaction of the land to the state government was made to through the Trust Fund for the Development of the State's Citrus Zone, Fidecitrus and the state's finance secretariat.42 The works to clear and level the land for the future automotive plant were given to the company Profezac José Aguirre Campo, who it would be according to journalistic investigations, friend of Humberto Medina Ainslie, father of the former governor. Said businessman would also own a Learjet 45 aircraft that Rodrigo Medina and his family used practically from the beginning of his administration.45 Three other lands would have been bought from private individuals such as the father of the then mayor of Apodaca, Oscar Cantú.42 Castillón Gómez before the accusations was defended saying that the purchase of the lands would have been "chance" and denied having confidential information that would benefit him for the purchase of the land.46

On September 5, 2016, Rodrigo Medina was summoned for the first time before a prosecutor's office by the Kia Motors married.41 A judge determined that the politician had not been responsible for embezzlement and patrimonial damage in this case.43 In March 2016 the government of the state of Nuevo León demanded that Kía sign a new incentive agreement for changes to complete the pending infrastructure that the original agreement would have compressed. The Korean company accused them of pressure on the government and published a statement so that the works that were promised for the installation of the plant were concluded. He also announced that due to the difficulty of the case in the future he will consider more investments in Mexico.47

Operation Tornado

On June 3, 2016, the Deputy Attorney General's Office for the Fight against Corruption of the Government of Nuevo León announced the seizure of assets of Rodrigo Medina and 10 other officials of his administration. The measure was taken as part of an investigation for diversion of resources, called "Operation Tornado." 48 49 The investigation involves the alleged investigation of crimes such as embezzlement, patrimonial damage, improper exercise of functions, abusive exercise of functions and coalition50 that would imply the alleged deviation of 3 billion pesos (about 145 million dollars) in 117 different cases and extends to the following state officials who collaborated in the Medina government:

  • Rolando Zubirán Robert, Secretary of Economic Development
  • Celina Villarreal Cárdenas, Undersecretary of Foreign Investment and International Trade
  • Rodolfo Gómez Acosta, Secretary of Finance and General Treasurer
  • Luis Marroquín Salazar, Secretary of Public Works
  • Jaime Parada Ávila, Director of the Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • Fernando Gutiérrez Moreno, Secretary of Sustainable Development
  • Patricia Aguirre González, Director of the Corporation for Tourism Development of the State
  • Sergio Alanís Marroquín, Executive Director of Fomerrey
  • Juan Livas Cantú, General Director of the Trust for the Development of the State's Citrus Zone (Fidecitrus)
  • Víctor Martínez Trujillo, General Director of the Road System of Nuevo León

Cases that followed

Operation Tornado of the Neolonese prosecutor's office investigates, in addition to the Kía Motors case, the following:     In June 2016, due to irregularities detected in the granting of incentives to the Siderúrgica de Linares company, four former employees were punished with ten years of disqualification from any public office and compensation of 210 million pesos: Juana Aurora Cavazos, Patricia Aguirre González , Juan Manuel Fernández García and Sergio Alejandro Alanis Marroquín, who occupied various portfolios of Medina.51     Alleged illegal operations of the State Road System of Nuevo León2 52 among which are the simulation of the paving of a street in the municipality of San Nicolás de los Garza that had already been made by said municipality; Also nine purchase orders were simulated, both for materials for the construction of roads and the leasing of machinery for it. For this case they appeared compare         Víctor Ramón Martínez Trujillo, former general director of the Road System of Nuevo León.         Nancy Arely Villegas Cantú, former director of the Administration of the Road System.         Esteban Cepeda Ochoa, former Coordinator of the Road System.53     The State Investment Promotion Council, the Road System Administration Council and the Fidecitrus Technical Committee would have authorized public works for which they were not empowered by law or they did so by modifying their corporate purpose. Public works contracts allegedly given to persons related to Rodrigo Medina or his family are also investigated.54     Citizen organizations delivered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America in September 2016, an independent investigation into eleven alleged "ghost" companies in that country that would be related to the former governor and his family.55 On January 25, 2017, the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor's Office summoned the politician to notify him of a new investigation folder against him for alleged irregularities in his properties and property declarations. Medina said before the accusations that he was "showing his face, going to any call made by the authorities" and announced that he would cooperate with the prosecutor's office, while filing an amparo trial that would prevent his detention.56 According to the state's attorney, The investigation would point to the creation of a network at the service of the diversion of public funds in which the family of the former governor would be involved.

Prison Time

After hours of trial and hearings, on January 26, 2017 a control judge determined a 30-day preventive detention to Medina, so that around 4 hours he was admitted to the Topo Chico prison accused of criminal deviation proceedings. public funds, embezzlement and patrimonial damage to the state.4 The judge determined the precautionary measure against Medina because the State Agency of Investigations proved that the politician would not have the resources to compensate the funds allegedly diverted, nor does he have any roots in the state or properties and there were indications that he could evade the legal action.4 The legal defense of the politician, headed by Alonso Aguilar Zínzer and Javier Flores Saldívar, accused the judge that determined the measure of violating the amparo proceedings that had been filed in favor of Medina.58

Hours later, the politician was released to continue the criminal process in freedom, due to the amparo trial that Medina has in his favor and that prevented his imprisonment.5 Medina accused that against him there is a "media lynching" and that it was imprisoned in an "unfair" manner.59 He also announced that he will denounce those who leaked to the media a photograph of him of prison control with the prescribed dress of the inmates


Political offices
Preceded by
José Natividad González Parás
Governor of Nuevo León
2009 - 2015
Succeeded by
Jaime Rodríguez Calderón

  This article uses material from the Wikipedia page available here. It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.



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