SIGDOC is the Special Interest Group on Design of Communication of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


SIGDOC was founded in 1975 by Joseph "Joe" Rigo.


The mission of SIGDOC includes:

  • encouraging interdisciplinary problem solving related to the user-centered design, development, and delivery of communication and experiences
  • promoting the application of theory to practice by connecting member contributions from research and industry
  • studying and encouraging emerging modes of communication across organizations
  • promoting the professional development of communication strategists, architects, planners, and designers
  • providing avenues for publication of research and exchange of best practices
  • supporting the research and development of communication and processes, including applications, networks, and services


SIGDOC's mission is to advance the state of knowledge, encourage the research, and support the interdisciplinary practice of the design of communication.

SIGDOC emphasizes the following areas of special interest to its members:


  • Chair: Emma Rose [University of Washington, Tacoma, US]
  • Vice Chair:
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kristen Moore [Texas Tech University, USA]
  • Past Chair: Claire Lauer [Arizona State University, USA]
  • Past Chair: Liza Potts [Michigan State University, USA]
  • Managing Editor, CDQ: Derek Ross [Auburn University, USA]
  • Conference Chair 2018: Tammy Rice-Bailey [Milwaukee School of Engineering, USA]
  • Conference Chair 2018: Nadya Shalamova [Milwaukee School of Engineering, USA]
  • Program Chair 2018: Elizabeth L. Angeli [Marquette University, USA]
  • Program Chair 2018: T. Kenny Fountain [Case Western Reserve University, USA]
  • Microsoft Student Research Chair: Jason Swarts [North Carolina State University, USA]
  • Conference Chair 2017: Rebekka Andersen [University of California, Davis, USA]
  • Program Chair 2017: Elizabeth Keller [Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne, USA]
  • Sponsorship Manager: Joanna Schreiber [Georgia Southern University, USA]
  • Member at Large: Natasha Jones [University of Central Florida, USA]
  • Member at Large: Brian Ballentine [West Virginia University, USA]
  • Communications Manager: Luke Thominet [Florida International University, USA]
  • Website Manager: Adam Strantz [Miami University of Ohio, USA]
  • Social Media Manager: Jason Tham [University of Minnesota, USA
  • Student Representative: Allegra Smith [Purdue University, USA]
  • Organizational Liaison: (ATTW, IEEE, CPTSC, etc.): Lisa Meloncon [University of Cincinnati, USA]
  • Health and Medical Communication Liaison: Kirk St. Amant [Louisiana Tech University, USA]
  • Chair of EuroSIGDOC: Manuela Aparicio [ISCTE-IUL, Portugal]


SIGDOC sponsors a number of awards as a means of recognizing outstanding contributions to the field. Awards are presented at the annual SIGDOC conference.

Rigo Awards

The Rigo Award is presented to an individual for a lifetime of significant work in the design of communication. Rigo Awards are given every other year, during even-numbered years. Previous winners include the following:

Diana Awards

The Diana Award is given every other year, during odd-numbered years, to an organization which has collectively made an impact on the field. Previous winners include the following:

Career Advancement Research Grant

Year Name Title
2017 Laura Gonzalez Designing a Multilingual User Experience Research Center to Support Language Accessibility in a Binational Community
2017 Daniel Richards and Sonia Stephens Story Mapping and Sea Level Rise: Bringing a Global Risk Home

Student Research Competition

The winner of the Student Competition is provided with subsidized participation in the SIGDOC conference, and the opportunity to publish and present their work.

Year Type Place Name Title
2017 Graduate 1 Allegra Smith Can you Hear Me Now? Revaluing Listening's Role in User Research Practice.
2017 Graduate 2 Jennifer Pierre Examining Wrong Planet: An analysis of design characteristics for computer-mediated-communication among individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
2017 Graduate 3 John Fallon Linking Heterogeneous Datasets for Visualization and Situational Awareness
2017 Undergraduate 1 Jenny Yao and Hannah Wei Creating Better-Informed Consumers and Reducing Dark Pattern Tendencies Through Improved Terms of Service Solutions
2017 Undergraduate 2 Megan Smith A Pinch of Salt. A Hint of Disaster
2017 Undergraduate 3 Alexis Scott The "Continuous Course Lab" in the Tech Comm Classroom
2016 Graduate 1 Chris Lindgren Understanding Big Data Processing as Designing Provisional Texts
2016 Undergraduate 1 Erin Campbell Participatory Museums: The User Experience of Creative Agents
2016 Graduate 2 Arthur Berger Commercial Proposal Collaborative Writing Practices
2016 Undergraduate 2 Leslie Simms Balancing the Equation of Undergraduate Research: The Importance of Reading, Learning, and Presentation Stability in the Success of STEM Laboratories
2016 Graduate 3 John Sherrill Teaching Documentation Through 3D Printing and Instructables
2016 Undergraduate 3 Tommy Truong and Eric Martin Virtual Reality in Pedagogy

Annual Conferences/Workshops

SIGDOC - ACM International Conference on Design of Communication.

Year Nr Venue City Country Date
SIGDOC 2018 36 Milwaukee School of Engineering Milwaukee, WI[2] United States Aug 3-5
SIGDOC 2017 35 Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada[3] Canada Aug 11-13
SIGDOC 2016 34 Washington, D.C.[4] United States Sept 23-24
SIGDOC 2015 33 University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland[5] Ireland July 15-17
SIGDOC 2014 32 Colorado Springs, CO[6] United States Sept 27-28
SIGDOC 2013 31 East Carolina University Greenville, NC[7] United States Sept 30-Oct 1
SIGDOC 2012 30 Seattle, WA[8] United States Oct 3-5
SIGDOC 2011 29 Pisa[9] Italy Oct 3-5
SIGDOC 2010 28 Sao Carlos Brazil Sep 26-29
SIGDOC 2009 27 Indiana University Bloomington, IN USA Oct 5-7
SIGDOC 2008 26 ISCTE Lisbon[10] Portugal Sep 22-24
SIGDOC 2007 25 University of Texas - El Paso El Paso, TX USA Oct 22-24
SIGDOC 2006 24 Coastal Carolina University Myrtle Beach, SC USA Oct 18-20
SIGDOC 2005 23 Coventry UK Sep 21-23
SIGDOC 2004 22 University of Memphis Memphis, TN USA Oct 10-13
SIGDOC 2003 21 San Francisco, CA USA Oct 12-15
SIGDOC 2002 20 Toronto, ON Canada Oct 20-23
SIGDOC 2001 19 Santa Fe, NM USA Oct 21-24
SIGDOC 2000 (with IEEE IPCC) 18 Boston, MA USA Sep 24-27
SIGDOC 1999 17 New Orleans, LA United States Sep 12-14
Conference Chairs

Student Research Competition Chairs

Chapters' events

Former Chairs

SIGDOC's former chairs include:


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