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Created by Vivian Chan, Nilu Satharasinghe
Written in Clojure[1]

Sparrho combines human and artificial intelligence to help research professionals and layman users stay up-to-date with new scientific publications and patents.[2] Sparrho's recommendation engine provides personalized scientific news-feeds by using proprietary machine learning algorithms to "aggregate, distill and recommend" relevant content.[3] The platform aims to complement traditional methods of finding relevant academic material such as Google Scholar and PubMed with a system which enables the serendipitous discovery of pertinent content and across relevant scientific fields through user input-aided machine learning and contextual analysis.[4]

Recommendation engine

Sparrho uses a "three pronged approach" to content recommendation. Firstly, "data-data analysis" is tackled using techniques such as natural language processing to provide appropriate research based on data provided by users.[5] Secondly, "user-user interactions" are utilized to propose a wider range of potentially relevant subject areas to users with similar interests . Finally, "user-data interactions" such as labeling articles as "relevant" or "irrelevant" within a particular scientific field allows Sparrho to personalize user newsfeeds.[6]


Sparrho was founded in 2013 by Vivian Chan and Nilu Satharasinghe as a solution to issues in staying up to date with scientific literature encountered over the course of Chan's biochemistry PhD at the University of Cambridge.[7][8][9] Initially established at Ideaspace in West Cambridge, and moving subsequently to Camden Collective[10] and the Ministry of Startups[11] in London, the company is now based in the data science hub SHACK15 in Shoreditch, London.[12]

In 2014, Chan was a semi-finalist for the 2014 Duke of York New Entrepreneur of the Year Award,[13][14] and in 2015, Chan was included on the 35 Women Under 35 list compiled by Management Today.[15] In 2016, Sparrho was a semi-finalist in Pitch@Palace 5.0.[16]

As of July 2017, Sparrho has raised $3 million from investors including White Cloud Capital, AllBright, and Beast Ventures.[17]


Sparrho's primary competitors within the academic content recommendation field include PubChase and Scizzle,[9][18] though both PubChase and Scizzle are targeted towards biomedical sciences and solely recommend academic journal papers.[19][20]


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