Opening title card for the English dub of Tobot
Directed by Dahl Lee
Country of origin South Korea
Original Korean
No. of seasons 19
No. of episodes 392
Young Toys
Running time 22 minutes
Original network JEI TV
Original release March 2010 - March 2015
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Tobot (Korean?) is a South Korean animated television series produced by Young Toys and Retrobot. The series features transforming cars and some of them are designed after Kia Motors vehicles.[1]

The series is available in Korean and English on Young Toys' official YouTube channel. The toy line beat Lego as South Korea's most popular toy line in 2013.[2]

An official English dub was produced in Canada by Ocean Productions, and its sister studio Blue Water Studios.


While investigating a string of mysterious car accidents, Dr. Franklin Char is abducted by the perpetrators. This incident activates his creations called "Tobots", cars that transform into robots with a special key called a "Tokey". Dr. Char's first two Tobots, Tobot X and Tobot Y, are entrusted to his twin sons Ryan and Kory, respectively, to fight crime and protect their neighborhood.[1]



  • Cha Hana (Ryan Char): (Voiced by Octavian Kaul in the English dub) The partner of Tobot X.
  • Cha Duri (Kory Char): (Voiced by Valin Shinyei in the English dub) Ryan's twin brother and the partner of Tobot Y.
  • Kwon Semo (Dylan Kwon): Limo's adoptive son and the partner of Tobot Z.
  • Dokgo O-gong (Nathan): Timmy's older brother and the partner of Tobot W.
  • Ju Ding-yo (Dolly Park): (Voiced by Chelsea Miller in the English dub) Ryan and Kory's female classmate and the partner of Tobot D.
  • Oh Hera (Hera Oh): (Voiced by Sunni Westbrook in the English dub) A clumsy female police officer and the partner of Tobot C.
  • No Gyo-su (Professor Noh): Dr. Char's professor and the first partner of Tobot R before Neon. He created the Corona Lens.
  • Kim Ne-bok (Neon): A friend of Ryan, Kory, and Dylan and the second partner of Tobot R after Professor Noh.
  • Cha Do-un (Dr. Franklin Char): Ryan and Kory's father and the inventor of the Tobots.
  • Ding-yo eomma (Mrs. Park): Dolly's obese and overprotective mother.
  • Kwon Limo (Limo Kwon): (Voiced by Jeff Evans-Todd in the English dub) CEO of Booroong Motors. A former colleague of Dr. Char, he instigated a string of mysterious car accidents to get people to buy his cars. Later on in the series, he returns as the partner of Tobot Zero.
  • Ok Diluk (Diluk Oktavius): ((voiced by Paul Dobson in the English dub) A henchman who worked for Limo on season 1. After Limo becomes a protagonist, Diluk sides with Acnee.
  • Acnee/Sora Wang: (Voiced by Rhona Rees in the English dub) A mastermind villain who takes over as Diluk's boss after season 1.
  • Choe Hui-juk: Diluk's financial advisor.
  • Angela: Diluk's female assistant.
  • Guk Su-Ho: A friend of Ryan, Kory and Dylan who's a master of taekwondo and the partner of Tobot Adventure Taekwon K.
  • Kim Nokwon: A friend of Ryan, Kory and Dylan. Partner of Tobot Adventure Teracle.
  • U Pyodol: A mailman and a friend of all people in Neeleelee Town. Partner of Tobot Adventure Cargo.
  • Tara: (Voiced by Carol-Anne Day in the English dub) A female reporter who comments in much episodes the actions of the Tobots.


Tobots are sentient robots that transform into vehicles. Their transformation is activated using special keys called Tokeys.

  • Tobot X: A yellow Kia Soul that is Ryan's guardian.[3] He can upgrade into Tobot Great X, recolored in red and blue and sporting a helmet and an arm cannon.
  • Tobot Evolution X: A first upgrade into a futuristic MPV.[4] This version can further upgrade into Tobot X Shield-On, recolored in grey and red.[5]
  • Tobot Adventure X: A second upgrade an orange Kia Soul. Adventure X can utilize several tools such as a tow hook to assist other Tobots.[6]
  • Tobot Evolution Y: A first upgrade into a sleeker sports car.[8] This variant can further upgrade into Tobot Y Shield-On, recolored in white, gold, and red.[9]
  • Tobot Adventure Y: (Voiced by Matt Hill in the English dub) A second upgrade into a navy blue helicopter.[10]
  • Tobot W: A white and purple Kia Ray that is Nathan's guardian.[13] He speaks with an echo. He is the first flying Tobot. In robot mode, Tobot W's chest opens to reveal a projector screen. He can upgrade into Tobot W Anti-Flame mode, recolored in blue and orange.[14]
  • Tobot Mach W: An upgrade into a blue and orange jet fighter.
  • Tobot D: A light green Kia Morning/Picanto that is Dolly's guardian. He is unarmed, but has strong detection and search capabilities. Tobot D initially suffers from stammering due to a defect in its Mindcore chip, but is quickly healed with the help of Dolly and her friends.[15]
  • Rescue Tobot C: A Kia K3/Forte/Cerato sedan police car that is Hera Oh's partner. Often talks like he is using a communicator, ending his sentences with "Over. Tssh."[16]
  • Rescue Tobot R: A fire engine piloted first by Professor Noh and then Neon. Tobot R often acts as a reporter and does his reports towards the audience.[17]
  • Tobot Zero: A white Kia Bongo/K2700 tow truck that is Limo's guardian. The very first Tobot, he is originally a villain, but returns along with Limo.[18]
  • Tobot Adventure Taekwon K: An olive green military jeep that is Su-ho's guardian. Like Su-ho, Taekwon K is a master of taekwondo.[19]
  • Tobot Adventure Teracle: A green and orange farm tractor that is Nokwon's guardian. As a triple-changer, Terracle also transforms into a tank.[20]
  • Tobot Adventure Cargo: A white Kia Grand Carnival/Sedona delivery van with a camper top that is Pyodol's guardian. In vehicle mode, Tobot Adventure Cargo can switch to hover mode. In robot mode, the camper top transforms into a surfboard. He is also skilled in Tai Chi.
Integrated Robots
  • Titan: A combination of Tobot X and Tobot Y.[21]
  • Titan Hurricane Spin: An upgrade that consists mainly of a turbine chest armor.[22]
  • Tritan: A combination of Tobot X (blue), Tobot Y (red), and Tobot Z (yellow).[23]
  • Tritan Shield-On: An upgrade of the Integrated Robot, featuring a Shield-On Helmet and a Super Spider Gun. This mode also has the Tobots change color: Tobot X in silver, Tobot Y in white, and Tobot Z in blue.[24]
  • Quatran: A combination of Tobot C, Tobot D (repainted in white), Tobot R, and Tobot W.[25]
  • Deltatron: A combination of Tobot Adventure X (green), Tobot Adventure Z (white), and Tobot D (red), plus a travel trailer.[26]
  • Giga 7: A combination of Tobot Adventure X, Tobot Adventure Y (red and white), Tobot Adventure Z (green), Tobot D (blue), Tobot Adventure Taekwon K (tan), Tobot Adventure Teracle (maroon and silver) and Tobot Adventure Cargo (yellow).
Tobot Athlons

Tobot Athlons are the next-generation line of Tobots. While still used to protect the city, the Athlons are mainly involved in competitive sports such as racing. Unlike Tobots, they are not simply transforming robots, but rather a set of small, race car-like Mindcores that link with their main bodies. Instead of using Tokeys, they transform on demand and can power up with a set of powers and weapons unique to each Athlon.

  • Tobot Athlon Alpha: A red Lamborghini Aventador. Alpha loves cleanliness and will work vigorously to clean any dirt or paint on his body.
  • Tobot Athlon Beta: A blue Kia K5/Optima race car. Beta will often rap most of his speech.
  • Tobot Athlon Theta: A yellow Smart Fortwo hatchback. Theta's theme is bubbles and will often use them to help his team.
  • Tobot Athlon Tornado: A light blue police supercar.
  • Tobot Athlon Vulcan: A red airport crash tender.
  • Tobot Athlon Rocky: A yellow-orange excavator.
  • Tobot Athlon Zango: A white Kia Niro. Zango sports a yellow cowboy hat and a pair of handguns. During battle, he can generate a force field to defend his fellow Tobots.[27]
  • Tobot Athlon Ambulun: An orange Mountain rescue SUV that can also transform into a helicopter. In robot mode, his helicopter blades form a sword.
  • Tobot Athlon Metron: A white, red and blue Korail 311000 series EMU rapid transit train. Metron runs on temporarily created tracks that allow him to roll on land with the other Tobots. In robot mode, the midsection of the train becomes an enormous hammer.
Tobot Athlon Integrated Robots
  • Athlon Champion: A combination of Tobot Athlon Alpha (white), Beta, and Theta (orange).
  • Athlon Magma Six: A combination of Tobot Athlon Champion, Rocky, Vulcan, and Tornado.


  • Chocobot: Professor Noh 's robotic dog.
  • Bikerbots: Acne's (Diluk's in later episodes) cyborgs which usually appear with their motorcycle robots.


Young Toys came up with the idea of developing an animated series and related toys during the early 2000s. While Transformers and Power Rangers are popular among older elementary school children, Young Toys decided to Tobot to younger primary school children and kindergarteners. Rather than obtain licenses from animation studios after production, Young Toys did the opposite by developing the animated series and characters from scratch before producing the toys.[28]


Between August and October 2014, Young Toys sold the licenses for the Tobot toys and characters to Southeast Asian nations. The series was made available in some Middle Eastern countries in January 2015.[28]

In December 2014, Young Toys erected an eight-meter, three ton statue of Deltatron at the Sky Park outside Seoul's Lotte Mall Gimpo International Airport shopping complex to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Tobot. The statue will be on display until 2019.[29]

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  • Cubix - A 2001 TV series by the same animation studio


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