Virtue Party (Egypt)

Virtue Party (Egypt)

? Al-Fadyla[1]
LeaderAdel Abdel Maqsoud Afify[2]
FoundedMarch 2011[1]
HeadquartersNasr City[2]
National affiliationNational Legitimacy Support Coalition[4]
House of Representatives

The Virtue Party is a Salafist political party.[3] The party stated in September 2012 that it and the Renaissance Party would merge.[5]

Mahmoud Fathy, the founding deputy chairman, stated that the goals of the party are: to "achieve justice and equality for all citizens, equal distribution of wealth, and to guarantee legal prosecution of anyone who commits a crime against the people".[2] Other party principles include "reform, supporting state institutions in accordance with the constitution, and restoring Egypt's leading role in the Arab and Islamic worlds".[2] Mostafa Mohamed, a member of the party, said that even Christians can join the party.[2]

The party supported Hazem Salah Abu Ismail in the May 2012 Egyptian presidential election.[6]

Lawsuit against Islamic parties

The Virtue Party is one of the eleven Islamic parties targeted by a lawsuit in November 2014, when an organization named Popular Front for opposing the Brotherhoodization of Egypt sought to dissolve all political parties established "on a religious basis."[7] The Alexandria Urgent Matters Court however ruled on 26 November 2014 that it lacked jurisdiction.[8]


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