Visual Expert
Developer(s) Novalys
Initial release 1995
Written in C#
Operating system Windows
Available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French
Type Code analysis tools
License Proprietary

Visual Expert

Visual Expert is a static program analyzer, extracting design and technical information from software source code by reverse-engineering, used by programmers for software maintenance,[1] modernization[2] or optimization.

It is designed to parse several programming languages at the same time (PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, PowerBuilder...) and analyze cross-language dependencies, in addition to each language's source code.



Visual Expert is used in several contexts:



  • 1995- 1998 - Prog and Doc - Initial version distributed on the French market [7]
  • 2001 - Visual Expert 4.5[5]
  • 2003 - Visual Expert 5 [6]
  • 2007 - Visual Expert 5.7[3][8][9]
  • 2010 - Visual Expert 6.0[10]
  • 2015 - Visual Expert 2015 - Server component added to schedule code analyses[11]
  • 2016 - Visual Expert 2016 - New Oracle PL/SQL code parser[11]
  • 2017 - Visual Expert 2017 - Code comparison, CRUD matrix, SQL Server T-SQL code parser[11]


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