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defaultLogic delivers hands-on and proven expertise. Get the Digital Marketing tools and insights you need to grow your business and career, right now! Develop digital marketing skills in a project-based learning environment. defaultLogic provides custom training and consulting for clients that's focused on their unique markets and career objectives. Apply knowledge and expertise to solve real problems and uncover real opportunities as you learn.
What Do You Need to Know?
Get specific answers, facts, insights and ideas for your specific needs. defaultLogic is committed to what matters to our clients. Sometimes this means offering a comprehensive approach to training and consulting for a Digital Marketing need over the course of weeks and months. Other times, we provide the guidance and direction you require in a few hours. We focus on your unique goals and value your time.
Learn from Digital Leaders
defaultLogic has a track-record of digital marketing success. We've taught at the graduate and undergraduate level. We've led the marketing and technology efforts of Top 500 e-retailers, manufacturers, media outlets, ad agencies and start-ups. Learn from Digital Marketing leaders as you build your business and career.


Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. defaultLogic helps clients to develop content marketing strategies that drive traffic, inspire action and increase social engagement. Get training and consulting on Content Marketing from those who know what success looks like!  


Convert more traffic and exposures into sales and leads. Quickly learn what works and what doesn't. defaultLogic can help you optimize for profitable conversions across your sales and leads funnel. Learn and grow with industry leaders!


Get insights into your digital markets from Digital Marketing leaders. Our consultants have successfully led the Digital Marketing efforts of retailers, software companies, local businesses, and start-ups. defaultLogic gives you the tools and facts to grow your business online.


Get help building, marketing and managing your digital retail business. helps retailers grow their online sales through hands-on training and consulting. We've successfully led the marketing and technology efforts of Top 500 e-Retailers, leading brands and start-ups. We're industry leaders -- focused on engaging consumers and generating profitable revenue. Save time, money and frustration!


Digital success starts with a plan that reflects capabilities, objectives, markets and a willingness to challenge assumptions. defaultLogic leverages technology, research and the experience of our consultants to help you create a digital blueprint for success.


Build a foundation for Display Advertising success. Learn the key concepts, strategies and tactics from digital marketing leaders. Get the tools to create, launch and manage a profitable Display Advertising campaign.


Stay connected to your customers and prospects with Email Marketing. Learn from those who have built effective Email campaigns that have generated leads and sales. defaultLogic offers proven expertise for Email Marketing success.


Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. defaultLogic help you to understand your data and identify opportunities within this platform. Our consultants have over 15 years experience helping companies gain actionable insights through Google Analytics.


Learn from Paid Search (SEM) leaders. Our consultants have successfully managed millions of paid search dollars for retailers, local businesses, tech companies and start-ups. We've been invited to speak at industry conferences on the topic and our work has appeared in books, business publications and profitable results.


We've successfully managed thousands of PPC campaigns and millions of ad dollars. defaultLogic has a track-record of delivering measurable, manageable and profitable results. We've managed the PPC campaigns of Top 500 e-Retailers and leading brands. defaultLogic has developed messaging, targeting and optimization processes that enable clients to outperform the industry.


Learn how to succeed with SEO from Digital Marketing leaders. We've taken pages to the top of organic search with some of the most competitive terms in retail ("gifts", "gift ideas", etc.). defaultLogic provides you the tools and tactics to drive targeted traffic with Search Engine Optimization.


Get noticed, liked and shared with Social Media Marketing. Learn from Social Media experts who have built traffic, brands and conversions on facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media sites. deafultLogic gives you the tools and facts to succeed at social media marketing.


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What We've Done
Led Digital Marketing Efforts of Top 500 e-Retailers.
Worked with Top Brands at Leading Agencies.
Successfully Managed Over $50 million in Digital Ad Spend.
Developed Strategies and Processes that Enabled Brands to Grow During an Economic Downturn.
Taught Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies at the graduate level.

Manage research, learning and skills at defaultLogic. Create an account using LinkedIn or facebook to manage and organize your IT knowledge. defaultLogic works like a shopping cart for information -- helping you to save, discuss and share.

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