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Dictionary of Retailing and Merchandising (National Retail Federation)




Dictionary of Retailing & Merchandising

In the notoriously fast-paced, increasingly complex world of retailing and merchandising, accurate communication is absolutely essential. Misunderstandings due to miscommunication can be very expensive, in terms of both time and money. To meet the needs of the professional community and students for an authoritative, easy-to-use source of precise definitions, noted lexicographer and professor of business Jerry M. Rosenberg has produced the Dictionary of Retailing and Merchandising.

Unsurpassed as a reference tool, the Dictionary encompasses the entire range of terms related to working in the retail industry. Here the reader will find accurate, up-to-date definitions in all areas of retailing, including buying, merchandising and visual display, catalog marketing, mail-order marketing, retail advertising, customer demographics research and consumer behavior, transactions with manufacturers and vendors, retail finance and accounting, MIS/computer/ automation, and wholesaling.

The Dictionary contains approximately 4,500 entries, which include specialized and technical definitions along with more general ones. Each word, term, and phrase is defined in all its current business contexts, with the widest usage cited first and remaining definitions listed by area of specialty. Related areas are thoroughly cross-referenced to help create a broader, more contextual understanding. A wealth of synonyms, abbreviations, and commonly used acronyms further enhance the Dictionary's usefulness as a complete language reference source.

For the experienced professional and neophyte alike, the Dictionary of Retailing and Merchandising will serve as a handy, indispensable aid to clarity in communication.

Authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date definitions of every important word and phrase used in retailing and merchandising today

Written by one of the industry's most respected experts and consultant to the Oxford English Dictionary, the Dictionary of Retailing and Merchandising combines the precision, authority, and informative breadth that professionals and students have come to expect of the Rosenberg dictionaries. With clear, concise, multicontextual definitions of approximately 4,500 words, terms, and phrases, the Dictionary of Retailing and Merchandising covers an entire spectrum of interrelated disciplines in a well-organized, easy-to-access format.

Defines terminology used in all areas of retailing and merchandising, including terms from the related fields of marketing, advertising, wholesaling, direct marketing, and buying

  • Defines words in all current professional contexts—widest usage is cited first and remaining definitions are listed by area of specialty and are thoroughly cross-referenced
  • Incorporates terms from both government and private-sector organizations—definitions are prepared in cooperation with leading specialists
  • Encompasses new terms from international retailing and merchandising
  • Provides a wealth of synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations

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