AWS For Admins For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

AWS For Admins For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))
By John Paul Mueller

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Product Description

Easily get your head in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can do everything from backing up your personal hard drive to creating a full-fledged IT department in the Cloud. And while major corporations like Adobe and Netflix have turned to AWS for their Cloud computing needs, it isn't just for private companies. Amazon Web Services For Dummies is the singular resource that shows real people with real businesses how to use on-demand IT resources to help their companies grow.

If you're like most people just getting their feet wet with this service, your first question is likely to be, "How do I get started with AWS?" This book answers that question—and a multitude more—in language you can understand and shows you how to put this Cloud computing service to work for you right away. AWS is immense and, naturally, intimidating, but with the help of this book, you'll peel back its many layers in no time!

  • Provides overviews that explain what tasks the services perform and how they relate to each other
  • Offers specific paths to follow in order to obtain a particular installation result
  • Gets you started without making a huge investment
  • Reduces the risk of failure by ensuring you understand available options as part of the configuration and usage process

Stop wasting time and resources on hardware and software that's quickly outdated. Get started with AWS today!

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #260255 in Books
  • Brand: Dan Gookin John Paul Mueller
  • Published on: 2016-10-31
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.10" h x .90" w x 7.20" l, .0 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 408 pages


  • AWS for Admins for Dummies

Editorial Reviews

From the Back Cover

  • Learn tasks the services perform and how they relate
  • Follow specific paths for the best installation results
  • Avoid common AWS usage pitfalls

Just what you need to get going with AWS

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) has grabbed the attention of the business world┬Śin more ways than one. If you just want to manage administrative tasks with AWS, your goal is to figure out what you need and create a basic, functional setup that lets you become productive as quickly as possible. This guide cuts through all the hype and clutter to get you where you need to go. With simple procedures you can follow to set up and configure the right environment, it helps you assess your move to the cloud, explains any quirks in the software, and gets you up and running.


  • Compare and choose among AWS free-tier services
  • Keep your costs low
  • Set up a virtual server
  • Learn important security techniques
  • Manage your database
  • Create a user-friendly cloud environment

About the Author

John Paul Mueller is a prolific technical writer and editor with 101 books and 600 articles to his credit. His topics range from networking and home security to database management and heads-down programming, and his editing skills have helped more than 63 authors refine their manuscripts. Visit his blog at

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5AWS newbie
By Amazon Customer
I am a AWS newbie and this book was extremely helpful

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Truly is a fantastic resource for those of us wanting to learn more about what AWS has to offer, but don't know where to start
By 80 Shades
This is an excellent "For Dummies" book that provides wonderful high-level guidance for Amazon WebServices. My only hesitation was the "For Admins" part of the title, but if you are not incredibly technical, there is still much you can glean from the book. For my organization, I do more strategic IT planning. Quite frankly, I am not highly technical, but I know enough conceptually to understand that AWS can really free an IT organization up (or create nightmares if not done properly). This book explains the entire AWS toolset; there are dozens of separate services (or applications), many of them free, that can help out most IT shops. This books assumes you are a dummy (which I am when it comes to AWS), and walks you through from giving simple definitions of IaaS versus SaaS, all the way to tactical steps to take to leverage infrastructure services, migrate databases, use LAMP stacks, and so on and so on. If you want to get your feet wet with AWS and at least have a quick reference to have for understand the high level concepts, I highly recommend this resource!

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5As an IT Professional - I wish this book landed on my desk 2 years back
By Farhan K
As part of my 11 Year career in IT/Platform Administration, I've been part of the whole shift in the industry, first from Physical servers to Virtual and more recently from Virtual to the public cloud. At the time we had do rely on our own research and Amazon's own documentation which can be sales-y or confusing at times in order to understand their service offerings or go for expensive education-partner trainings

This book would have been godsend for IT administrators back then, it approaches the subject in a very structured format . first by building the case for moving your applications/services to the cloud and then Amazon Web Services itself and all the other services that Amazon has to offer ( EC2, RDS etc) and then the in depth of setting up and managing your AWS instances . It also covers what types of certifications Amazon has to offer and who they are best suited for.

- The book does provide a step by step guide with plenty of illustrations to get your first AWS Instance running using the free/trial services AWS has to offer
- It does adequately warn of of the hidden costs, common pitfalls where free may not actually end up being free
- It does make a very good comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of running your application on a cloud platform vs your own dedicated infrastructure ( Hint : It boils down to $$ )
- It does cover all the required prerequisite considerations such as sizing (CPU,Storage) network, database requirements and the options you have to connect the application on your network to Amazon's cloud using VPN or available service providers like AT&T Netbond
- It introduces and covers topics like Elastic beanstalk, DB Migration tools and examples using WordPress/Magneto etc in detail for helping you gain a working understanding of the process
- Towards the end the book covers some of the best practices and common pitfalls an admin must consider while setting up their AWS instance quickly and effectively

Even though the book claims is not making too many assumptions about its audience , I do feel that, as its title suggests, its best suited for people who already have a background in IT and who know how client-server applications work in general . The book also assumes that you already know about the platform (Windows/Unix) you want, the workings of your application and you're looking what would it take for it to run & manage it on Amazon's cloud platform
- The preview in the listing of this book is very generous and has a very large number of pages available in preview, I highly recommend in checking it out to make your own determination if the book's right for you

Overall I really liked this book and it serves me as a handy reference for my work. I can definitely recommend it for IT Professionals who are just starting to deal with AWS and cloud migrations or IT managers who manage a team of Cloud Engineers as a handy primer and learning guide. It may just not be the best book to start with if you are looking to learn AWS/Cloud and the underlying fundamental IT concepts from scratch

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