Introduction to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Beginner's Guide Book: Learning the basics of AWS in an easy and fast way

Introduction to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Beginner's Guide Book: Learning the basics of AWS in an easy and fast way
By George Sammons

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Product Description

This book is a guide to AWs (Amazon Web Services). It begins by guiding you on how to perform error retries. Sometimes, requests made to AWS may fail, and this calls for you to retry sending the requests. However, you should make the maximum number of retries and some other parameters. These are discussed in this book. The best security credentials for use in AWS are examined, so you will know the best practices for ensuring that these are secure. The AWS requests also need to be signed, which is a good way for ensuring that the requests are not tampered with while in transit. This book guides you on how to sign both AWS requests and the AWS API requests. You will also learn how to verify whether the request was interfered with or not on the receiving end. The ARN (Amazon Resource Name) and namespaces, which are used for the purpose of uniquely identifying resources are explored in this book. The process of using Unbound guidelines for the purpose of auditing the security of your AWS services is also discussed. The book also provides you with a guide on how to set up DNS Resolution between AWS and On-Premises Networks. The following topics are discussed in this book: - Error Retries in AWS - AWS Security Credentials - Setting Up DNS Resolution Between AWS and On-Premises Networks Using Unbound - Guidelines for Security Audit - AWS Service Namaspace and Amazon Resource Names (ARN) - How to Sign AWS API Requests

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1241318 in Books
  • Published on: 2016-11-10
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00" h x .20" w x 6.00" l,
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 86 pages

Customer Reviews

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1Waste of time and money
By Richard Kovach
This is not an introduction to this topic but simple a short collection of notes that the author has thrown together. A proper introduction should include a high level description of the breadth of the components, the purpose of each, how they fit together and why and how the audience might find value in them. This "book" does virtually none of any of that.
Most of the content seems to be focused on security aspects - perhaps the title should have the word "Security" inserted before "Beginner's" - but is so poorly written that I am would not trust it for a second as being authoritative (it could indeed be useful, but if the title is misleading and the content so poorly written, I'm going to assume that the quality of information is not significantly better). I'm truly embarrassed that I paid any amount of money for this.

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2No introduction and not even a description of AWS or its services
By dalepres
There's no introduction. There's no description of the various services available on AWS. There are reviews that are nonsensical in their description of AWS technology learned in this book - such as Ethernet AWS Security. Hmmmm.. Not even this book has such a thing described because there's no such thing but it shows that some reviews are likely non-technical family members.

The topics are possibly advanced topics but nowhere complete description of the topics. Nothing introductory about the book and nothing complete or useful as a beginner or advanced reference; it's simply a few random solution notes that I guess the author worked through in his own work. Use the Look Inside feature to at least review the contents and buy this if you're looking for information specifically on those topics. The chapters are so short and so focused on one particular issue on the chapter topics, they may or not be helpful if you need those topics but for the price I suppose it's worth looking at - if, and in my opinion only if, you need information on those particular topics described in the contents.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
186 small pages with big type and lots of white ...
By The Corfu
86 small pages with big type and lots of white space. Minimal explanation and many pages are the output results of a command. It is more of a collection of commands and their output. If I browsed this in a bookstore, I would never had paid any money for it.

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