Head First PHP & MySQL: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Head First PHP & MySQL: A Brain-Friendly Guide
By Lynn Beighley, Michael Morrison

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Product Description

If you're ready to create web pages more complex than those you can build with HTML and CSS, Head First PHP & MySQL is the ultimate learning guide to building dynamic, database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL. Packed with real-world examples, this book teaches you all the essentials of server-side programming, from the fundamentals of PHP and MySQL coding to advanced topics such as form validation, session IDs, cookies, database queries and joins, file I/O operations, content management, and more.

Head First PHP & MySQL offers the same visually rich format that's turned every title in the Head First series into a bestseller, with plenty of exercises, quizzes, puzzles, and other interactive features to help you retain what you've learned.

  • Use PHP to transform static HTML pages into dynamic web sites
  • Create and populate your own MySQL database tables, and work with data stored in files
  • Perform sophisticated MySQL queries with joins, and refine your results with LIMIT and ORDER BY
  • Use cookies and sessions to track visitors' login information and personalize the site for users
  • Protect your data from SQL injection attacks
  • Use regular expressions to validate information on forms
  • Dynamically display text based on session info and create images on the fly
  • Pull syndicated data from other sites using PHP and XML
Throughout the book, you'll build sophisticated examples -- including a mailing list, a job board, and an online dating site -- to help you learn how to harness the power of PHP and MySQL in a variety of contexts. If you're ready to build a truly dynamic website, Head First PHP & MySQL is the ideal way to get going.

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  • Published on: 2009-01-01
  • Original language: English
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  • 814 pages


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Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Lynn Beighley is a fiction writer stuck in a technical book writer's body. Upon discovering that technical book writing actually paid real money, she learned to accept and enjoy it. After going back to school to get a Masters in Computer Science, she worked for the acronyms NRL and LANL. Then she discovered Flash, and wrote her first bestseller. A victim of bad timing, she moved to Silicon Valley just before the great crash. She spent several years working for Yahoo! and writing other books and training courses. Finally giving in to her creative writing bent, she moved to the New York area to get an MFA in Creative Writing. Her Head First-style thesis was delivered to a packed room of professors and fellow students. It was extremely well received, and she finished her degree, finished Head First SQL, and can't wait to begin her next book.

Lynn loves traveling, cooking, and making up elaborate background stories about complete strangers. She's a little scared of clowns.

Michael Morrison is a writer, developer, toy inventor, and author of a variety of books covering topics such as Java, Web scripting, game development, and mobile devices. Some of Michael's notable writing projects include JavaScript Bible, 6th Edition (Wiley, 2006),Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours, 7th Edition (Sams Publishing, 2005), Beginning Mobile Phone Game Programming (Sams Publishing, 2004) and Java Unleashed (Sams Publishing, 1997). Michael is the intructor of several Web-based courses, including DigitalThink's Introduction to Java 2 series, JavaBeans for Programmers series, and Win32 Programming series (www.digitalthink.com).

In addition to his primary profession as a writer and technical consultant, Michael is the founder of Stalefish Labs (www.stalefishlabs.com), an entertainment company specializing in games, toys, and interactive media. When not glued to his computer, skateboarding, playing hockey, or watching movies with his wife, Masheed, Michael enjoys hanging out by his koi pond.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
3Messy. I prefer Murach's.
By G. Kedro
There is a lot of good information in this book. I just didn't like the way in which it was presented. It was too haphazard and "messy" for me. I'm going through Murach's PHP and MySQL right now and it's more in line with how I learn: organized, linear, neat, tidy. Head First is good, don't get me wrong. But, I learn better with books that present the material in a more orderly, structured, traditional way. If you're more eclectic, then give Head First a try!

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
5Best beginner's PHP + MySQL Book
By airbrushtutor
I've purchased around 6 or 7 books on PHP (for beginners) and each book has a common pattern where i get to a certain point and nothing else makes sense. I put down that book and pick up the next and re-learn what a variable is and learn about associative arrays, then they jump into checking if GET variables are set, but i don't even know what they are yet??
Head First PHP & MySQL pulls you into the pool fully dressed and forces you to get typing in a way that no other book even comes close to. It's easy to sit back and write a bad review that there's mistakes, parts that are difficult to learn etc - but if you review this book relative to what is out there - the others just can't compete. Head First successfully attempts to deliver an extremely educational book while being fun and modernistic. It is made up of several long, hands-on php/ mysql tutorials that do a great job of showing you how to apply top to bottom php coding. For me, the most impressive thing about this book is it's attention to detail - on more than one occasion I've wondered why something was done in a certain way and I turn the page to find that the detail has been answered! This is what I think helps the book to distinguish itself as the best 'how-to PHP' guide on the market.
I strongly recommend this if you would like to learn PHP, however I would also strongly suggest that you buy yourself a beginner's PHP book to accompany it, that isn't tutorial based, such as PHP for Absolute Beginners (Expert's Voice in Open Source).
I'm mid-way through Head First PHP and stopped doing the tutorials just so i could write this review. In fact i found a free version of this book somewhere online and liked it so much that i went ahead and bought it on amazon because i felt the value I received was well worth the money.. plus it's like having a little PHP bible next to me:) Strongly recommended:)

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
3A little less conversation, a little more action
By Riccardo Audano
That's what I would want from this book! It's definitely "over the top" in the fun department, even for a head first title, you can really see how the authors put some real talent and imagination to create the "case studies" for the code examples.. I just wish they had exercised the same level of talent and effort on the technical quality of the examples, which is unfortunately severely lacking, even for a beginner level text. There is way too little code, and the little that is present is way too simple and primitive. The end result is that this book reads like a very funny comic book with a little technical detail inside instead of what is really meant to be, a technical book with humour and creativity to make it more engaging. I think this has to do with the fact that both authors are more "creative types" than programmers at heart, so they naturally ended up concentrating on the side they care more about... overturning the rationale behind the head firts series. So.. a little less conversation, a little more action guys, or at least put as much action as conversation..
So if you're interested in checking out how much creativity and fun can be put into a programming book you might consider to give a look at this title, but for really learning to program in php, I would go somewhere else...

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