Content Marketing 2016: Influencer, Topics and The Most Important Trends: 2. Advanced Edition (Professional Content Marketing)

Content Marketing 2016: Influencer, Topics and The Most Important Trends: 2. Advanced Edition (Professional Content Marketing)
By Communicate And Sell

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Content Marketing has become a large industry. Almost all Fortune 500 corporations and myriads of SMBs invest billions of US-$ in their Content Marketing strategies. The market reflects this complex ecosystem: a plethora of freelancers, agencies, specialists, consultants and gurus of all kinds have begun to focus on Content Marketing. It is just like with any hyper-growth industry: the primary market drives the secondary market and new value chains emerge on a meta level. Consultants are a typical example, or agencies, congress platforms as well as software developers with their Content Marketing services.

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  • Published on: 2015-12-10
  • Released on: 2015-12-10
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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4I suppose it was quite useful to read because I got a lot out of ...
By J. H.
Well, now that I am done with this book, I suppose it was quite useful to read because I got a lot out of it, and that is really the bottomline of a book to me - do I get anything out of it? I think the book itself has priceless links, but the text in the book itself about each link is just maybe not what I am looking for, so to get the information I had to actually read each article separately that the book refers to. I think it could just as well list the links to me with a few buzz words from each article to be useful. I guess it is good that the book is free right now to read, but I can see how they could charge for it as well, and it could be a good investment.
I read this free book to learn about content marketing trends, and I did - it's a good summary. Read the links, you'll learn a lot.

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3Not original work, but summarizes articles written by other people
By maria
This book is a collection of links to articles about content marketing. If you want to read about content marketing you have to click the link to the full article. The author offers none of their own opinions, just simply summarizes what the original article states in 2 paragraphs. I got it on a free download, but would not pay any money for it.

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4Very granular...but also very resourceful.
This is a good slam-course on content marketing, but it's almost TOO dense via sensory overload. Tough to digest or retain as a onetime read, so it's definitely a resource one will find most useful as a reference more than anything particularly engaging, but it delivers impressive content via its eBook format. I probably found myself most engaged during the section where various content marketers revealed their favorite applications to streamline their processes. Not a page turner, but it will teach you something worthwhile.

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