Retail Arbitrage Money Machine: $30,000 Profit in 14 Months Re-Selling Sale & Clearance Items on Amazon FBA

Retail Arbitrage Money Machine: $30,000 Profit in 14 Months Re-Selling Sale & Clearance Items on Amazon FBA
By Kevin Howard

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Product Description

Have you been searching for a legitimate method to build a real side income in way that can be done on your own time, at your own pace, and with minimal money invested?

Have you been searching for a complete and comprehensive guide about retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA that is not only up-to-date, but was written by someone who is actually making money doing it?

Congratulations - you’ve finally found it!

In the fourteen months that have passed between starting my retail arbitrage business and the publication of this book, I have sold over $85,000.00 worth of merchandise through Amazon FBA and have earned over $30,000.00 in profits.

This was all done in my spare time, with no prior online selling experience whatsoever.


The information in this book is NEW FOR 2016 and covers everything you need to know from start to finish, to succeed with retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA.

In it, you will learn where to shop, what to look for, and how to spot the products that can make you big money while avoiding the losers. Plenty of specific examples are included.

You may have come across some other books on retail arbitrage that only touch on the basic concepts without providing any useful ‘how-to’ information. You will not find that to be the case here.

In Retail Arbitrage Money Machine, I carefully walk you through the process of uploading your inventory to Amazon Seller Central, teach you step-by-step how to create a shipment plan, and explain in detail how to get your items properly labeled, packed, and sent in to the fulfillment center so you can start earning money.

These are the parts of selling on Amazon FBA that confuse a lot of new sellers and derail their businesses before they even get started.


  • What Retail Arbitrage Is and How You Can Earn Money Doing It

  • How to Use Amazon’s FBA Service to Make Online Selling Easy and Profitable

  • How an FBA small business can be scaled in a way that eBay and other e-commerce auction sites cannot

  • The Exact Tools You’ll Need to Get Started and How to Set Them Up Properly

  • The Best Places to Source Retail Inventory that You Can Resell for Big Profits

  • How to Use Sales Rank, Category, and Historical Data to Make Smart Buying Decisions

  • How to Know Before You Buy, Whether an Item Will Make You Money

  • How to Navigate Seller Central to: Upload Your Inventory, Create Your Shipping Plan, Send Your Shipments, and Get Paid

  • How to Avoid Pitfalls Involving Category Restrictions, Brand Registration, and Hazardous Materials

  • How to Eliminate the Competition by Creating Your Own Product Bundles


    You’ve probably already heard stories of how other people are making a killing with retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA. You’re just looking for a reliable source that will teach you how to do it too.

    Now you’ve found it - and it can be yours for the price of an e-book.

    If you've been wondering how to start a small business of your own, you may find retail arbitrage on Amazon to be the ideal home-based business for you.

    Don’t waste any more time on fluff – own this complete retail arbitrage instruction manual and learn once and for all, how to earn money from home selling on Amazon FBA.

    Scroll up and click the BUY button now!

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    • Amazon Sales Rank: #274847 in eBooks
    • Published on: 2016-01-07
    • Released on: 2016-01-07
    • Format: Kindle eBook

    Editorial Reviews

    Step by step action plan. Not a book full of vague information but the exact details someone starting out needs. If you are buying 1 book on retail arbitrage this is the one!!! - Renae Hartson, Amazon Customer

    I have been reading a few books and undertaking video courses to learn about selling on Amazon. This is the first book or course that has provided the actual step by step instructions to buying and selling products on Amazon. Thank you. - Gadgets n Things, Amazon Customer

    Great book, well written and easy to understand the retail arbitrage process step by step. - NADIA, Amazon Customer

    Excellent! Strongly recommended for those interested in starting retail arbitrage with Amazon. Thank you! Kevin for your insights and real life testimonials. - Jperez, Amazon Customer

    Easy to read and very informative. - kenneth winlandon, Amazon Customer

    I would recommend this book to anyone interested in starting an FBA business. The author clearly outlines the steps from sending in your first shipment to creating your own listing. I have been an Amazon FBA seller for two years and still learned some new strategies to help improve my business. - lisa, Amazon Customer

    I thought this was a great read! Easy to understand but specific enough to get the details needed. I would recommend! - Mountain Breezes, Amazon Customer

    Awesome book - finally someone who teaches well! - Sue Holcombe, Amazon Customer

    If you're going to buy/read one book on retail arbitrage - this should be the one. - Super AudioGuy, Amazon Customer

    About the Author
    Kevin Howard discovered retail arbitrage in late 2014, and with no prior online experience whatsoever, turned this side business into a semi-passive income stream that generated over $31,000.00 in profits in the first fourteen months. Retail Arbitrage Money Machine, published in 2016, is his first book on the subject.

    Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    10 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
    5The most comprehensive and easy-to-follow retail arbitrage guide I've read!
    By Amazon Customer
    I've read a few articles and "how to" booklets on Retail Arbitrage. Howard's conversational, relatable tone makes "Retail Arbitrage - Money Machine" an easy read. His advice is concise and straight-forward. If you're looking at starting or expanding a side business or business by selling on Amazon FBA, I highly recommend using Howard's book as your guide!

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    5New to Amazon FBA
    By Tori
    It is good for beginner's starting out on Amazon FBA. There is a pitfall to Profit bandit app. Profit bandit app couldn't be used on old android phones. I had to use Pic2shop barcode app on my old android phone. I found a new Monopoly Board Game in French for $2.25 at the thrift store. I sold it on Amazon FBA for $55. You don't want to send everything to FBA. Recently, Amazon storage fees have increased in 2017. Avoid sending stuff that sells under $25 to FBA, because of the high fees equal less profits. A customer order a toy for next shipping by FBA. Customer didn't received it and waited one month for a refund. FBA was responsible to shipping, they reimbursed my account. Another pitfall to Amazon FBA is high returns. Kevin, you might want to update the book.

    Amazon is tightened up restriction on categories and brands. Some brand restrictions requiring paying a fee, such brands in Hasbro, etc.
    Amazon are no longer using store receipts to ungated restriction on certain products. You have to get invoices from wholesale. If you recently upgraded to professional selling account, Amazon will turn your listings inactive. You have to go through selling requirements of government ID and other stuff under application status.

    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
    5... on a hot tip from a friend and it's brilliant. I live right behind a giant shopping center ...
    By Jamey D. Erickson
    Stumbled across this book on a hot tip from a friend and it's brilliant. I live right behind a giant shopping center with 4 major retailer and I'm always rummaging through their clearance bins. Time to start picking through it a bit more deliberately. Really great read here, easy to understand a sets you up to start doing it yourself right away. Well worth the read!

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