Display Advertising: An Hour a Day

Display Advertising: An Hour a Day
By David Booth, Corey Koberg

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Product Description

A complete guide to developing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing an online display ad campaign

The display business is online advertising's fastest growing field. Google and others are starting to provide easy tools to enable small- and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of this opportunity. This guide provides marketers, consultants, and small-business owners with the knowledge and skills to create and optimize a display advertising campaign. It covers concepts, trends, and best practices, and presents a day-to-day plan for developing, managing, and measuring a successful campaign.

  • Online display advertising is a hot topic, and this hands-on guide helps marketing professionals and small-business owners gain the skills to create and manage their own campaigns
  • Provides an overview of display advertising concepts, including types, formats, and how they're placed on websites
  • Explains how to plan a campaign, including defining goals and planning resources, contextual and placement targeting, and keyword use
  • Covers campaign launch and measurement, ad creation, social media advertising, how to optimize a campaign, and much more

Display Advertising: An Hour a Day helps anyone promote a business successfully with effective online display ad campaigns.

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5A display marketing education in a book
By Kevin
This is the best book I've found on the subject. Because things change so much, some of the finer points are bound to be dated from the time of publication. But a good cover-to-cover reading would make a great education in display advertising.

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5Display Advertising From The Experts
By Digital Jazz
Display advertising is well-known to be a complex and esoteric realm of the online advertising world. While this book touches on the broad scope of the display advertising world, it focuses almost exclusively on the Google Display Network (or GDN née the Google content network) with a section at the end of the book that discusses display advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Google Display Network itself has a massive reach with over 2 million web properties and more than half a billion users. The targeting options range from traditional keyword contextual targeting (automatic placements), site targeting (managed placements), interest category and topic targeting (both forms of audience targeting), as well as remarketing (targeting users once they have left your site).

To many advertisers used to the relative ease of working with traditional Google search network campaigns, the Google Display Network is often unfairly judged as being a way to spend a lot of money not see any conversions. While traditional search marketing works well for most advertisers, its main advantage is that it is intention-based demand fulfillment. That is, people actively looking for what you have to offer are far more likely to convert in a shorter period of time and at a higher rate than people reading articles on various websites who happen to see your display ad. However, internet users only spend about 5% of their total time online performing searches on the major search engines. The other 95% of people's time online is spent on various websites consuming content, interacting with others socially, or simply checking email. This is display advertising's major advantage over search and why it is important for advertisers who are serious about reaching as many potential customers as possible to spend time planning, building, optimizing, and measuring their display campaigns. This book, written by two of the smartest and most experienced people in online marketing and web analytics today, will teach you how to do just that.

The book walks you through the how and why of display advertising on the GDN. The major topics covered are planning your campaigns, finding and targeting your audience, building your campaigns, creating effective image ads, creating video ads, YouTube targeting options, setting up remarketing lists and custom combinations, as well as measuring and optimizing display campaigns. The final chapter is dedicated to creating campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook.

While the relative complexity of many of these topics is certainly enough to warrant owning the book as a reference, where I think the book really shines is in its sections on measurement and optimization of display campaigns. Because display campaigns don't often have a direct correlation between clicks and conversions the way that way search campaigns do, many people incorrectly assume that display advertising doesn't work. This couldn't be further from the truth. But accurately measuring display campaigns often requires more sophisticated analytical models than the simple clicks-to-conversions that most search marketers are used to. By performing multiple touch point analysis and building different attribution models based on analytics data, it often surprises many advertisers to find that display advertising actually contributes a lot more to the overall conversion rate than they had previously realized.

In short, I found this book to be the answer to a lot of questions I have had about display for a long time. If you want to get most out of your GDN campaigns, do yourself a favor and buy this book.

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
2Should be titled Display Advertising 101
By Aubrey
As a display manager with 5 years under my belt, I thought that this book would have at least a few gems to make it worth the cost. With books like these, you'll inevitably come across quite a bit of introductory-level information. I expected that, but expected to hear some sort of new strategy that I hadn't tried or already heard from Google itself. Not in this case. If you're new to display advertising, this book's for you! If you'd rate your display knowledge a 6 out of 10 or higher, I'd recommend sticking to the free forums out there.

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