AdWords Workbook: 2017 Edition: Advertising on Google AdWords, YouTube, and the Display Network

AdWords Workbook: 2017 Edition: Advertising on Google AdWords, YouTube, and the Display Network
By Jason McDonald Ph.D.

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Product Description

Learn AdWords in Plain English - Step by Step!

Buy the Workbook Used by Jason McDonald to Teach Google AdWords Advertising.
  • 2017 UPDATED EDITION: August Update - master the AdWords Search Network, Display Network and Remarketing
  • Read the Reviews - compare the REAL REVIEWS of this book to the FAKE (?) REVIEWS of other books
  • Learn to Advertise Your Business on Google without losing money
  • Watch Videos - view step-by-step companion VIDEOS that SHOW you how to use ADWORDS effectively
  • Use the Worksheets - download WORKSHEETS that guide you step-by-step to AdWords success.
  • Access Free Tools - access the companion ADWORDS TOOLBOOK with free tools for Google AdWords, a $29.99 value!

The #1 Bestselling Workbook on Google AdWords Advertising for Your Business

  • Jason McDonald - written by a successful practitioner of AdWords. Just Google 'AdWords Expert Bay Area.'
  • Stanford University - used by Dr. McDonald in his courses, both online and in face-to-face workshops
  • Got Questions? - just Google 'Jason McDonald' and send a quick email or call.
  • Rebate Offer - each AdWords Book 2017 contains a $10 off survey offer.

The author, Jason McDonald, has instructed thousands of people in his classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Stanford Continuing Studies, as well as online.

Table of Contents

  1. AdWords Gotchas - identify and fix the four main 'AdWords Gotchas' that may be costing you a LOT OF MONEY
  2. Keywords - find and leverage transactional keywords that make you money and nix ones that lose you money.
  3. The AdWords Search Network - optimize your Google Search Network efforts in AdWords step-by-step.
  4. Google Display Network - avoid rip offs in the GDN, and optimize for placements and strategies that truly work
  5. YouTube - Google's subsidiary, YouTube, is the #2 Search Engine. Master video advertising easily.
  6. Metrics - Learn what you can and should measure in AdWords, and use this data to optimize your RETURN ON AD SPEND (ROAS)
  7. Tools - Includes a free companion AdWords Toolbook, with hundreds of FREE tools to master AdWords better, faster, cheaper.

AdWords Advertising in PLAIN ENGLISH: let Jason guide you in SIMPLE language to INCREDIBLE return on investment via Google AdWords


Check out the other AdWords Books - Perry Marshall and Mike Rhodes Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, AdWords for Dummies, AdWords Secret Hacks, SEO Like I'm 5 etc., - they're great, they're good, but they don't include powerful step-by-step worksheets, links to online videos, and the free AdWords Toolbook with hundreds of free tools for AdWords advertising 2017. Plus they're OUTDATED. This AdWords book is listed as one of the best books on Google AdWords 2017.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #101557 in Books
  • Published on: 2017-04-12
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 11.00" h x .56" w x 8.50" l,
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 246 pages

Editorial Reviews

About the Author
Author Jason McDonald has been active on the Internet since 1994 and has taught SEO, AdWords, and Social Media since 2009 – online, at Stanford University Continuing Studies, at both AcademyX and the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco, at workshops, and in corporate trainings across these United States. His passion is to take complex marketing topics such as social media marketing and make them easy-to-understand for small business owners and marketers. His style is practical, hands-on, and fun. He received his Ph.D. in 1992 from the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.A. from Harvard University in 1985. When he’s not surfing the Internet, Jason can be found being trained by his black Lab, Buddy, across the highways and byways of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5A must have for small businesses wanting to succeed on the internet! Don't miss this one!
By Amazon Customer
Ah, the devil you know is always easier to tame than the devil you don’t. AdWords is amazingly powerful once you understand how to tame it so that it works for you and help earn you money rather than just take your money. In this 2017 edition of the AdWords Workbook, the author, Jason McDonald, outlines for you in simple easy to understand terms what you need to know to harness the power without falling victim to its deceptive, easy glamor. Jason walks you through exercises and even provides real life example and worksheets to get you started and then up and running using AdWords to place your business in front customers that you target. He starts at the beginning – showing you how to brainstorm and research to come up with the most effective target words to get your company top placement for relevant searches in Google – thus engaging your audience rather than targeting the entire world – and giving you the maximum ROI. He then explains the little understood Google Display Network that AdWords runs on in addition to the search network that you expect it to work with and how you can avoid its pitfalls. The Google Display Network has its place for some businesses though, so it is explained in detail and outlined for best use as well. Next, he teaches you how to optimize your ads so that they appear on the search network when you want them to (not when it’s most profitable for Google) by utilizing keywords effectively and organizing your campaigns and ad groups effectively by using a balanced approach when using keywords for clicks and conversions. Even placement and advertising best practices for high ROI on You Tube is covered. Jason also walks you through how to interpret what you see in the metrics for your ads so that you can understand how effective they really are. From AdWords Tracking to Google Analytics, you now have effective means to evaluate your clicks and actual conversions so that you can fine tune your ad placements. Complete with a top ten free tool list for AdWords, this book puts the power of marketing your business in your control.

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5Great book to learn Adwords to grow your business
By Sukanta B.
I too wanted to learn AdWords marketing to make a career in it so I explored many online tutorials but unfortunately couldn’t make it because of the lack of important factors that I needed to know for running a successful ad campaign. I had read many books from the library and that too didn’t help in planning my campaign in a right way so I decided to buy this book after reading other’s reviews here.
In this book there are a lot of examples that cleared many factors of my PPC and other paid marketing campaigns. The book not only focuses on examples but it is properly planned in such a way that it helped me right from the beginning. Right from first chapter I picked up really important tips that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It is not an ordinary book. Jason McDonald has made it interesting to add some humor elements in it. It has benefited me thoroughly and I would highly recommend this to everyone who wants to grow his small business effectively.

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4A good walkthrough of the AdWords process
By Lawlady
The author obviously knows how to use Google AdWords for successful marketing. This workbook walks the reader through the process of placing ads on the Search Network, the Display Network, and YouTube, with screenshots illustrating every step of the way. Links take the reader to more helpful examples. There's a lot of repetition, which gets annoying after a while. The writing is plain and easy to read, but the "print" is not. It's a confusing and tiresome mix of typeface/font styles, sizes, and colors. And if you think the cover looks as if the author is screaming at you, just wait until you get to the introduction. Better yet, skip the intro and go directly to Chapter One.

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