Drupal 8 SEO: The Visual, Step-By-Step Guide to Drupal Search Engine Optimization

Drupal 8 SEO: The Visual, Step-By-Step Guide to Drupal Search Engine Optimization
By Ben Finklea

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Drupal 8 is great for SEO…if you know which modules to install and exactly how to configure them. That’s where Drupal 8 SEO comes in. With over 150 images to guide you every step of the way, this book delivers the knowledge you need to get your site listed and ranking high in the search engines. Learn how to Search Engine Optimize your Drupal 8 website with this visual, step-by-step guide. Get the exact modules, settings, and configurations your site needs to get the best possible rankings in Google and other search engines. Drupal 8 SEO is a brand new offering from Ben Finklea that will teach marketers and developers what’s needed to make Drupal 8 deliver perfectly optimized web pages. Generate traffic, leads, and revenue like never before with Drupal. Created to accompany the Drupal 8 SEO Checklist module, this book takes you through the exact steps that Ben has used for years to get top results for both national brands and small companies. It explains the SEO process created by the experts at Drupal SEO agency, Volacci, and how it can be used by any organization large or small to grow traffic, leads, and revenues. The process covers: • Drupal 8 SEO Checklist • Tools to do SEO faster • Redirects • URLs and paths • Title tags and Metatags • XML Sitemaps • Setting up Google Analytics the right way • Schema.org for enhanced Google listings • Better internal linking • Validating HTML and CSS • Fixing broken incoming links • Page-by-page keyword optimization • Figuring out what worked in Google • How to secure and speed up Drupal for higher rankings • Mobile ranking with AMP • Social link building with AddToAny • …and more! Heavy on how-to and light on long explanations, this book is for the marketer or site owner who wants to hit the ground running without a lot of reading or time spent learning SEO basics. With over 150 images to guide you every step of the way, Drupal 8 SEO delivers the knowledge you need to get your site listed and ranking high in the search engines. Reviews of Ben Finklea's previous book: “4.9 out of 5 stars.” –Amazon.com “You don't need to be a programmer or SEO specialist to follow the steps outlined in the book and get results. It's very easy to understand and implement.” “The book is a perfect guide to optimize your Drupal site for the search engines. It reviews modules, techniques, and suggests lots of tips for the best SEO implementations and configurations.” “My site went from invisible to getting rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing as soon as it was indexed. Wa-pow! Awesome!” “Best place to find Drupal-specific SEO advice” “Ben explains SEO in a very easy to understand manner.” “I had tried several SEO websites and tools, but this book explains everything so well, and clears up much of what I had read about SEO or watched on YouTube.” “I was really impressed with the practical and helpful "how to" approach of this book. A lot of authors (myself included) can't help but get preachy at times. But Ben manages to avoid that trap and stays laser-focused on his topic and providing concrete guidance for exactly how to optimize your site.” Praise for Ben’s work at Volacci: "Ben's SEO Checklist module helped me and thousands of developers navigate the vast module ecosystem and configure our websites for optimum search ranking and conversions. His [previous] book...taught us to go beyond configuration to help our customers craft effective SEO strategies." --Travis Carden, Acquia (via Linkedin) “Ben is THE expert when it comes to Drupal SEO. He literally wrote the book. He is constantly researching and testing new techniques. In the seven years that we worked together, we built dozens of highly successful marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes." --Eric Wagner, FFW (via Linkedin) Ben's SEO knowledge is outstanding. He understands the many aspects of SEO and knows how to make all of them work together to achieve the results you want. --Eric Mandel, Blackmesh

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  • Published on: 2017-01-16
  • Original language: English
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  • Drupal 8 Seo The Visual Step By Step Guide to Drupal Search Engine Optimization

Editorial Reviews

About the Author
Ben Finklea has been working on the Internet since 1995. He has started four companies, and he is currently the CEO of Volacci. He lives near Austin, Texas which is every bit as cool as you’ve heard. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Ben is a frequent speaker at conferences on the subjects of Digital Marketing, Drupal, and building successful high-tech businesses. He is the author of Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization (Packt, 2009) and created the Drupal SEO Checklist module (https://www.drupal.org/project/seo_checklist) which has been downloaded over 300,000 times by Drupal site owners worldwide. Ben has built and managed SEO campaigns for many companies including HP, Fast Company, Oracle, State Farm, Acquia, and Amazon. Ben is married to Dr. Beverly Finklea. Their sons, Andrew & John, are active in Boy Scouts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a family, they sing in the choir at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Cedar Park, Texas. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfinklea Twitter: https://twitter.com/benfinklea

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5If you want better SEO results for your drupal site and have any ...
By Runjbells
Let me to start off by saying that this book had a tremendous hill to climb in order to get this positive review. I am quite thrifty and frugal... some may say cheap... I say I require exceptional returns (products) for my investments (money), and a $60 book certainly gave pause initially. It is specifically for Drupal SEO, however, and I eventually reached the decision to go for it, figuring that surely an expert in the field wouldn't put a worthless book and slap a $60 price on it. The only error I made was in how long it took me to think it over. If you want better SEO results for your drupal site and have any DIY inclination whatsoever, there is no other comparable solution. This is clear, concise, and you will get great results. Your alternatives are... I don't know.. fumbling around, trying to find some seminars, hoping to beg an acquaintance that might know something about SEO for their thoughts and over years maybe start to know a bit about the subject? This would be a complete waste of time / energy / money, and the results would be significantly worse. Or, you could hire an expert (like the author himself perhaps). While this would be even easier than following the book, and the results may be great (assuming you trust your SEO expert), I assure you that your wallet will be much slimmer afterwards.

So, to me, this ended up being a no-brainer. Don't think of it as buying a book. Consider it an acquisition of specialized niche expertise. In that sense, I am surprised the author would essentially be giving it all away. If you decide to go another direction (and don't have Benjamins falling out of your pocket as you walk down the street - so that paying someone is not an issue)... take it from me, that would be an unfortunate and expensive mistake.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Perfect step by step guide to maximize Drupal 8 SEO
By Price Family
I am half way through this book, it has been very effective for me. The step by step instructions are very easy to follow. For areas where I want to better understand the "why", links are provided to learn even more. I am going through these steps for two website projects simultaneously, I am already seeing results. SEO is a very complicated subject, this book provides the "tactical" step by step for Drupal 8 websites, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for getting this published so early in Drupal 8's life!

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
4Clear book with proper explanations and a lot of images.
By Amazon Customer
Clear book with proper explanations and a lot of images. Very easy to read and to click along. What I personally did not like was the advice to set up cron. The whole book makes the assumption that you (the marketeer) can work independent of the administrator, who might already have set up cron at the system level (calling the url on the status page). Enabling cron from within Drupal would lead to extra overhead that might not be required. So discuss with your administrator before enabling that.

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