By Kelvin Dorsey

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This book you’re checking out is for both novice and seasoned online-marketer alike.

I don’t care if you couldn’t sell a life jacket to a drowning man.

But no matter.

Because If you simply apply the sales insights contained in this book, you’ll be well on your way to making your first big bundle of sales online.

Are you an experienced marketer?


Then by following these sales secrets your sales will consistently increase like the bank account of Bill Cosby’s lawyer.

Listen, in the same way that exercising and eating better will improve your health, applying these sales secrets will improve your sales.

OK, enough corn, let’s get to the red meat.

Here’s a Little Taste of What’s Inside:

  • What Jay Leno discovered while performing as a comedian at strip clubs – and how you can use this discovery to dramatically boost your sales
  •  The “steal the market” method used by Alfred P. Sloan (former General Motors CEO) that took General Motors to the #1 position in the automotive industry; leaving the once dominant Ford to eat their dust (here’s what it is and how you can exploit it, too)
  • How to effortlessly Flip a prospect’s NO into a YES. (do this one simple thing and watch your sales conversions soar)
  • A strange but powerful marketing secret taken from the polygamy community that increases customer loyalty the likes of which you have never seen (I know this seems weird, but just wait until you try it!)
  • The easiest and fastest way to become a great copywriter (I said easy and fast – not fun. It’s tedious but it will make you damn good – fast!)
  • The “Earnest Hemingway sales method” that dramatically increases engagement (Excellent for email marketing. Subscribers will be glued to your promotional emails when you use this)
  • A persuasion secret used by the world’s most charismatic and influential leaders (this persuasion secret is neurologically impossible to ignore and works like crazy in promotional emails, too)

And a TON more I don’t have room to tell you here.

Know this:

The sales insights you’ll gain from this book will stay with you for the rest of your life.

 Invest in yourself – read this book, apply it, and watch the sales come flooding in.

(Happy days)


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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #12093 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2016-09-02
  • Released on: 2016-09-02
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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5A Good Book
By Victor Taylor
Well written. Very informative.

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5Five Stars
By lorena colin
Good book!!!

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5‘Sell to people’s greed glands and ego, and not just to practical need.’ - Alfred P Sloan
By Grady Harp
Author Kelvin Dorsey has no biographical data to be found except his own statement, ‘I teach email marketing. Everyone has a talent.’ This young man obviously has extensive experience in his subject (his other published book to date is VAN HALEN’S SELF PROMOTION SECRET EVERY EMAIL MARKETER SHOULD BE USING. However, Kelvin offers a gift book in this Kindle version – THE 10 MINUTE COPY WRITING SPEED COURSE – so there are likely more valuable little books to come.

One reason Kelvin’s book is so useful and accessible is his funky sense of humor and of-the-moment writing style: he is able to make even the worst errors you could make laughable (as long as you know you’ve made them and correct them). His overall guideline is ‘Look at your competition— what are they not giving the marketplace that you could? How can you increase the number of sales? How can you tap into people’s desires and wants more? Get your “Sloan” on and dominate the competition.’

This book is so full of information that is intense yet usable and even though it is spread over ’81 day’, that seems like a plea to get the reader to take a journey. Actually the information offered is superb (even mandatory) for beginners, but if also has enough fresh ideas and rules and regs that even experienced email marketers will find moments of ‘a-ha’ help.

The ‘journey’ is divided into Sales and Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Time Management, and Entrepreneurship. An example of his writing style and communication tactics is offered her as Day 62 ‘The Secret to Making Mo’ Money’’ – ‘Hey... ... In my outstanding devotion to giving you my best advice on all things sales and marketing, I’ve realized I haven’t given you a good ol’ book recommendation for a while, so... ... here it is: It’s called The Millionaire Fastlane. The author, MJ Demarco, is one helluva clued-up individual. And, qualified to write such a book. MJ Demarco made his fat fortune faster than a knife fight in a phone booth.’ That is the style that keeps this hefty book afloat.

Lots of invaluable information for everyone who uses online marketing – and isn’t that everyone these days Excellent investment. Grady Harp, October 16
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