You Don't Know JS: Up & Going

You Don't Know JS: Up & Going
By Kyle Simpson

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It’s easy to learn parts of JavaScript, but much harder to learn it completely—or even sufficiently—whether you’re new to the language or have used it for years. With the "You Don’t Know JS" book series, you’ll get a more complete understanding of JavaScript, including trickier parts of the language that many experienced JavaScript programmers simply avoid.

The series’ first book, Up & Going, provides the necessary background for those of you with limited programming experience. By learning the basic building blocks of programming, as well as JavaScript’s core mechanisms, you’ll be prepared to dive into the other, more in-depth books in the series—and be well on your way toward true JavaScript.

With this book you will:

  • Learn the essential programming building blocks, including operators, types, variables, conditionals, loops, and functions
  • Become familiar with JavaScript's core mechanisms such as values, function closures, this, and prototypes
  • Get an overview of other books in the series—and learn why it’s important to understand all parts of JavaScript

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  • Published on: 2015-04-10
  • Released on: 2015-03-31
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About the Author

Kyle Simpson is an Open Web Evangelist from Austin, TX. He's passionate about JavaScript, HTML5, real-time/peer-to-peer communications, and web performance. Otherwise, he's probably bored by it. Kyle is an author, workshop trainer, tech speaker, and avid OSS community member.

Customer Reviews

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5Highly recommend if you want to get serious about Javascript
By hanoncs
This is a great book for anyone that wants to start getting serious about javascript. If you're just going to copy and paste a couple jquery plugins, this might not be for you, but if you want to be a true Javascript artist, this is the entry point. This is the first book in the "You don't know Javascript" series. I would recommend not skipping this intro into the series, it lays the framework for your entire future as a Javascript artist. From variables to closures. Even if you have some experience, this edition will probably teach you a thing or two and get you ready to deep dive into serious scripting.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Recommended for experienced developers!
By Corinna C
Before reading the YDKJS books I had been writing JavaScript for several years and had studied some of the "must read" titles like JavaScript: The Good Parts and Flanagan's JavaScript: The Definitive guide. It wasn't until I read Kyle Simpson's YDKJS books (this, Scopes and Closures, and You Don't Know JS: this & Object Prototypes) that I was able to reach beyond the knowledge I had achieved up to then.

Kyle Simpson has a concise and clear writing style. He uses many small examples and explains exactly the principle he's demonstrating.

I mentor a team of developers. The YDKJS books are on my "read these first" list for experienced developers transitioning from other languages. Although these books are made available free on the YDKJS GitHub page, I have found them to be so valuable that I have purchased several of the YDKJS series and will probably buy more.

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5well written and understandable.
By Tracy Kamradt
Not only does the author know what he's talking about, he knows how to communicate it. As a long time Java programmer, many of the aspects of JavaScript were mysterious and obtuse, or at least the way they were explained made them seem that way. Scope and Closure are two of those aspects and now they seem simple obvious artifacts of the functional nature of the JavaScript language. Now all the patterns that the other books demonstrate but don't bother to explain seem much more clear. I can look at the language with new eyes and new understanding. Highly recommended for anyone that needs an under-the-hood understanding of JavaScript and anyone that wants to side-swipe smug job interviewers that want to trip you up with manufactured mis-understandable code.

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