Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers

Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers
By Mike Smith

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Presents the latest advancements in Internet marketing, offering technology breakthroughs, industry developments, marketing strategies, and predictions for the future.

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  • Published on: 2014-11-19
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  • Targeted How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers

Editorial Reviews


" effective overview of the new media landscape....a good read for marketers who need a good history of the last 15 years in online media and a look at where it might all be headed." --AdPulp

“Mike Smith has done a terrific job of laying out the world of digital marketing in consumable and digestible chunks.” --60 Second Communications

“…provides an eye-opening explanation of ‘behavioral targeting’ the technique ad firms use to track, analyze and exploit the detailed information people leave about themselves online.” --Reuters

“The book is engaging and well written. It gives a very good overview of the evolution of digital advertising…”

“This book is written for everyone who wants to know more about analytics—and how to benefit from their use.” --Banking Exchange

“…great exploration of the digital landscape and the dynamics of electronic media presentation and how these can be exploited to maximize your online marketing.” --The Coach Casebook

Gold Winner in the Advertising Category 2015 Axiom Book Awards

“No matter how you feel about advertising, the technology is fascinating and the author does an excellent job of explaining how it works.” --Online Searcher

“The [book], largely distilled from approximately 400 interviews, is grounded in numerous examples that clarify and elaborate upon the complexities of new digital media.” --Choice

From the Inside Flap

Digital advertising has reached critical mass, and there are no signs of slowing. With growth far outpacing other channels, more advertising dollars are spent on it than on either broadcast or cable TV! And advertising on mobile devices is more than doubling each year!

But in this vast, congested cyberenvironment, the complex challenge of choosing and reaching good customers before they click elsewhere--or put away their mobile phones--can eclipse the promise of attracting new customers. Few people truly understand how to target ultrafragmented users of digital media with short attention spans. Others struggle to keep up with innovations such as real-time bidding or online ad exchanges. Too much guesswork still underlies many digital campaigns.

Like no other resource, Targeted clarifies issues, eliminates confusion, and corrects common misperceptions. Sweeping in scope and eminently readable, it brings you up to date on technology breakthroughs, key players, industry developments, marketing strategies, terminology, historical background, and predictions for the future. You'll find information that will make or break your efforts--on using real-time auctions, developing optimal bidding strategies, using real-time analytics and social media to collect customer data, and handling tracking difficulties and click fraud. This fast-paced, highly informative narrative explains it all:

* How the stepchild of ad media emerged as a dominant force

* What actually takes place in the seconds between entering a web address and having the page rendered

* How real-time bidding (RTB) is transforming online advertising with its capacity to target an optimal audience

* How technology is bringing fairness and transparency to the question of an ad's true worth

* Why Google's reliance on paid-search advertising could spell trouble

* Which tech geniuses and business strategists continue to drive change

* Who among the tangle of intermediaries has survived, and who has not

* How social media, tablets, and smartphones create both complexity and opportunity

* Plus much more!

No one can afford a murky understanding of interactive advertising. Targeted's expansive yet detailed overview of this breakout phenomenon gives you the knowledge to harness its power for reaching your most promising customers, and standing out amid the cyberclutter.

Mike Smith is a Vice President at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, responsible for the platforms that support the creation and delivery of online advertising. Previously President of, he is a recognized thought leader in digital publishing.

Twitter @msmith

From the Back Cover

"The Internet has become the driving force in the economy thanks to advertising that runs on a maze of technologies and services so complicated that even professionals are confused. Targeted demystifies the rapidly evolving world of online advertising and is a must-read for any Internet executive or investor." -- Roger McNamee, Cofounder, Elevation Partners, Silver Lake Partners, Integral Capital Partners

"Digital is the media industry's Rubik's Cube--and every few months the puzzle gets scrambled yet again. Mike Smith has one of the keenest minds in seeing trends others simply do not, making Targeted essential reading for anyone involved in media transformation." -- David Carey, President, Hearst Magazines

"Department-store pioneer John Wanamaker famously observed that he knew that half of his advertising was wasted but he didn't know which half. The Digital Age has blasted away the throw-it-on-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks, Mad Men approach to advertising. In this timely, well-written book, Mike Smith provides the perfect guide to the rapidly growing, precision-guided, online world of advertising that is emerging. Wanamaker would have been pleased. You will be too." -- Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media

"In this world of ever-changing technological innovation and advancement, sometimes it's a good idea to take stock of where we've been and where we are going. With regard to digital advertising and real-time bidding (RTB), Mike Smith's new book does both, and offers a unique look at the inner workings of a multibillion-dollar industry." -- Ted Meisel, former CEO of Overture Services and Senior Advisor, Elevation Partners

"The brave new world of digital advertising has now fully arrived. Mike Smith's book Targeted demystifies this world and gives you the tools to embrace it and win. No one who sells anything can afford to keep their head in the sand. Targeted lays it all out. Read it and keep it close. Your financial future will depend on it!" -- John "Jay Jay" French, Twisted Sister founder, musician, artist, manager, producer, writer, motivational speaker, and charter member, Long Island Music Hall of Fame

"Part history, part handbook, Targeted is a compelling, inside look at the way digital advertising impacts businesses and consumers around the world. Mike Smith is a savvy digital industry veteran, and he gives the reader an insightful look at an industry that is significantly changing the way we do business. The lessons learned here are invaluable." -- Stephen M. R. Covey, New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
3Interesting Overview of the Direction of the Industry
By Jacob Henke
This was a very interesting overview of the direction of the advertising and some of the history leading up to the usage of targeted advertising and real time bidding.
Unfortunately, any time the author began to talk about the technical side of things, concepts were either vastly over simplified or just plain wrong.
Good information about how targeting came to be and a very high level overview of the process, but don't expect to learn about any specific technologies or techniques.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
3The title is well represented by the cover image.
By Mark Bertrand
A lot of basic 101 shared information and maybe even closer to high school level history and review of every possible angle. The content provides absolutely nothing about how targeting works, what targeting is from a hands on, in the trenches, advertiser or publisher perspective. There is no information on segmenting, pooling, testing, and actual usable knowledge. The information here may be a good reference for developing sales collateral and brochures.

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
2It provides a few nuggets of useful but those get lost in the noise of the ...
By IraqiInAmerica
Yet another business book that should have been a long article. It provides a few nuggets of useful but those get lost in the noise of the unnecessary words that are only there to create shelf presence.

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