Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
By Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, Bryan Todd

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Product Description

Google AdWords processes nearly 6 billion searches every day--making it a powerful Pay Per Click advertising medium your business can't afford to ignore.

Online Advertising experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, joined by AdWords and analytics specialist Mike Rhodes, present the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks of Search Engine Advertising that Google should teach you, but doesn't.

This latest edition introduces revised, expanded, and new chapters covering Google Enhanced Campaigns, and Google's Product Listing Ads, as well as an introduction to Google's Universal Analytics.

You'll discover how to:
  • Master Enhanced Campaigns, Google Shopping Campaigns, and Google Analytics
  • Implement online advertising bid strategies that keep you on budget
  • Triple your traffic with Google AdWords Display Network
  • Profit using local PPC advertising
  • Corner the second largest search engine with YouTube ads
  • Avoid costly mistakes made by most people in Pay Per Click advertising
  • Chisel your way into tough markets
  • Write killer internet advertising - and website copy that gets clicks
  • Determine what is and isn't working with Google's AdWords
  • Get Online Lead Generation that runs 24/7365
  • Know the principles that are essential to get Google AdWords Certification

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  • Brand: Entrepreneur Press
  • Published on: 2014-10-01
  • Original language: English
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  • Binding: Paperback
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Editorial Reviews


Perry Marshall combines the attributes of the most calculated engineer with the artistry of a poet. If you are not following Perry’s formula, you are leaving millions on the table.
-Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc.

Perry’s methods coupled with Google AdWords offer a fast and cheap testing ground for a lot of marketing messages. He’s a consummate player of this game, the smartest person I or any of my clients have ever found when it comes to Google AdWords – optimizing response for his clients, and teaching others how to do it for themselves.
-Dan S. Kennedy, Author, No B.S. Direct Marketing

I've used the Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords since the first edition. Transforming a client’s unprofitable AdWords account into a cash cow — churning out $30-$35k profits every month. Just scratching the surface of the book’s contents.

This is the best book on AdWords, period. Plus, it’s a dang good book on Internet Marketing. Not only can you use it to tap Google’s huge traffic stream, you'll also convert the thundering hordes of traffic into buyers and profits in your pocket. Do what I do — don't just buy and use it yourself, buy copies for your friends!

- Roy Furr, Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, Direct Marketing Consultant

I'm often asked by peers in my niche how I manage to rank so well in search engines and not go broke using Google AdWords. There are a couple of reasons—I've been subscribing to Perry Marshall's newsletters since 2003; I've read every one of his books; I listen in on all the conference calls he organizes; and finally, I IMPLEMENT his strategies and tactics.

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords lists for $24.95. Only a fool would continue to run Google AdWords campaigns and NOT invest in, study, and implement the ideas in it. And no, you'll not find an affiliate link to Amazon here. Just get the book!
-Jer Ayles-Ayler, AdWords User, Trihouse Enterprises, Inc.

I bought this book to learn how to get better results from AdWords for my clients. The advice given is easy to follow, and following up on the results of your campaign is exciting. I've already seen a huge increase in click-through rates for the different customers and campaigns I run. I get far better results for less money.

I would recommend reading Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords to anyone interested in starting AdWords marketing, or tuning their current campaigns for better results. On the other hand, I'd like to keep what's in here a secret.

-Henrik Hedberg, AdWords User

Naming this the Ultimate Guide is not a fluke. I have been tweaking the hell out of the ads I'm using to lead searchers into my funnel. Over the past few weeks, I've managed to get one of my ads up to just over 7% CTR from a previous 1-2%!
-Bill Perry, AdWords User

I thought I knew it all. I set up an AdWords account and a couple of days later I came back to check if I was rich yet. Unfortunately, the only thing that happened was Google enjoyed free access to my bank account. Luckily the traffic was not that high so it was just a couple hundred dollars. And I made no money.

Frustrated, I went online and did some research. Every forum, article, and blog seemed to be talking about Perry Marshall, so I decided to get Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. 30 minutes into reading my mind was blown away.

Next, my Quality Score went up from an average of two and three to a six and nine for various keywords. At the same time, my cost-per-click went down from over $4 to about $0.50.

The rest is history. Seriously, if you don't know the stuff in this book don't even think of AdWords. This is THE guide.

-Jean Paul Essiam, AdWords User

From the Author
Every second of every day, 70,000 people search for something on Google.

What that means is that even though social media is a growing force to be reckoned with and there are all kinds of ways to get traffic to your website, Google AdWords is, by far, the number one source of paid advertising on the internet. And if you don't show up on Google when people search for what you're selling, you may as well not exist at all.

If you're not there. You need to be.

Google AdWords can be an incredible source of 365, 24/7, year-after-year traffic...if you know what you're doing.

But there's a problem. The problem is that the very best advertisers on Google are sharp. They really know what they're doing. The competition is tough. In some industries, it's downright bloody.

You need to chisel your way in.

And that is THE theme of the 4th edition of the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.

Chiseling Your Way In

How do you do it? A lot of different ways...

    Chisel Your Way In With YouTube. Plain-vanilla AdWords is thick with competition. YouTube is the world's 2nd largest search engine and is far less competitive than Google Search and Google Display Network. You can buy clicks for far less money and there's a lot of clicks - and a lot of quality traffic - to be had. Chapter 19.

    Chisel Your Way In With Advanced Display Network Strategies. Bypass costly mistakes and test ideas in the marketplace ... for a fraction of what big fat-cat corporations spend on their market research. Chapters 17-18.

Chisel Your Way In By Crafting a Superior USP and Offer. Awesome AdWords strategy + Flaccid USP = Bankruptcy. Chapter 14 is all about how to make not just your ads and your offers but your entire business stand out from your competitors ... and how to translate that into better Google ad copy that gets clicks. I cannot emphasize how important this is.

Chisel Your Way In With Bionic Google Ads. I've devised a clever method that beats any control ad, any time anywhere. This special chapter gives you the two best blades out of sixteen. If your competitors don't know this technique, they won't know what hit 'em. Chapter 10.

Chisel Your Way In By Fighting Battles You Can Win, in online marketing and advertising. Some markets will drain all your resources and aren't even worth fighting; some you can never win at all. Chapters 7 and 8 are all about the BIG picture. Find your sweet spot and dominate. This material is cutting edge - and it will stay with you the rest of your life.

Our five Chisel Your Way In internet marketing strategies...some that NO ONE ELSE IS TEACHING...are how you get a toe-hold in a fierce, unforgiving market.

From the Inside Flap

Double Your Web Traffic -- Overnight!
Google processes nearly 6 billion searches every day—making it a powerful advertising medium your business can’t afford to ignore.
Google AdWords experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, joined by AdWords and analytics specialist Mike Rhodes, present the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks that Google should teach you, but doesn’t. Learn how to build an aggressive, streamlined campaign proven to increase your visibility on not one, but three ad networks; consistently capture clicks; and increase sales.
Discover how to:
•Master Enhanced Campaigns, Product Listing Ads, and AdWords Express
•Implement flexible bid strategies that keep you on budget
•Triple your traffic with Google’s Display Network
•Profit using local advertising
•Corner the second largest search engine with YouTube ads
•Avoid costly mistakes made by all Google advertisers
•Chisel Your Way into tough markets
•Write killer advertising and website copy that gets clicks
•Determine what is and isn't working with Google's conversion tracking

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

34 of 34 people found the following review helpful.
5Hands Down THE Best Adwords Resource
By Joshua Garrison
This is literally the best $15 I spent in 2016. I had recently hired an Adwords consultant for $500 a month to run the Adwords for my small bookkeeping business. To my horror, one month into the process I discovered that one of the ads they had written used the word "booking" instead of "bookkeeping". This is an ad I had spent hundreds of dollars on.

Needless to say, my confidence was dashed. So I started trying to educate myself on Adwords. I took courses on Lynda, read blogs, took classes on Udemy, you name it. Nothing gave me the kind of practical, comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of the platform that I needed to confidently manage the platform on my own.

Until now. Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I finished the book in two days, and it is HEAVILY annotated. I immediately found mistakes that my previous consultant had made in my Adwords account. Today I ran my first ads on my own, with no outside input. I feel confident about them.

Don't waste time with other books and outside Adwords consultant. Buy this one, manage your account on your own.

I'll update this review once my campaigns have been running a few months to see if this confidence remains down the road.

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
4This is a great product. A little wordy and unstructured, but packed with useful information.
By Jesse CreateThis
This is a great product. It is absolutely packed with great information, and case studies to back that information.

I didn't give it 5 stars because it tends to be a little wordy, repetitive, and unstructured. I'm a software developer, so I'm used to reading technical manuals. In a technical manual, I often have to re-read the same line repeatedly to fully understand it. This book has the opposite effect. Often I go for pages without finding new information. Each time I've encountered this situation I continue, and within a few pages I find another brilliant nugget of information nestled between pages of fluff.

Perry and friends could take a lot of the sales talk out of this book and create a really excellent, concise reference.

The book mentions there isn't really much to Adwords, when compared to more traditional subjects, such as Computer Science. I suspect Perry is desperately trying to meet some word count to give the book perceived credibility. I believe "less is more". Just something to think about.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. I would enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Adwords. It contains gobs of time saving, money making information. The format might be a little wonky, but it's worth it every penny. I wish I had this back in 2008 during some of my previous projects. If I did, those projects might have turned out very different.

If you like this book, I also recommend reading, The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries. It is interesting how much overlap there is between Perry's strategy and Eric Ries' strategy. I suspect they're on to something.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
By Ryan Sprague
Few people would say a book about adwords is riveting, but I can tell you that the wealth of information and insight that Perry, Mike, Bryan, et. al. deliver at a blistering pace is breathtaking. This book is worth millions to the right people. Are you the right person? It's up to you I guess.

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