Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat
By David Kelly

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Are You Looking To Explode Your Social Media Presence? Do you want more followers? Would you like the best and most efficient strategies taken from the best influencers? Do you want to monetize your social media?

When you buy Social Media: Strategies to Mastering your brand for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat , your followers will increase rapidly! You will discover everything you need to know about social media marketing

These crucial and effective tips will maximize your social media presence. You'll be excited to see all the opportunities from your social media growth and presence just from these advanced strategies.

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #27298 in Books
  • Published on: 2016-08-25
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 9.00" h x .36" w x 6.00" l,
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 156 pages

Customer Reviews

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2Not for millennials
By J. kay
As a younger professional, this book was really underwhelming. It didn't offer me anything I didn't know as a basic user of social media. All the tips and tricks can be found by a simple web search or by simply clicking the more info button on the business accounts of social media sites.

However, I gave it two stars because I do see this being a beneficial book for those that are really new to social media.

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4Advice to get interacting!
By Lisa Ahlstedt
The book Social Media: Strategies to Mastering Your Brand is aimed at helping businesses navigate the sometimes bewildering world of using social media to promote a company or service. These days, it is vital that companies have a presence on social media in order to interact with customers. Since social media sites are free, a small company has as much opportunity to promote themselves as a big company. Because consumers can also use these free platforms to state their experiences with brands or products, this can also be a double-edge sword. It is therefore important to monitor and engage customers in a professional manner that avoids conflict. Still, engagement by consumers is one way to monitor the success of social media projects. For instance, the author notes that searching #Starbucks on Instagram returns over 19 million photos that have been tagged by consumers. This is free advertising and word-of-mouth buzz that can be very beneficial to driving traffic to your website and/or brand.

There are only 10 chapters in the book, but each is full of interesting information. The first chapter introduces the concept of social media branding while the following chapters are each devoted to a particular social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Each chapter is packed with information specific to that particular platform. For instance, the Facebook chapter includes “the four steps to initial set-up,” design tips for your page and photos, the four types of paid posts, effective ways to promote your business, and ways to ensure your posts are seen by your audience. For Instagram, a basically visual platform, not only are the screens and icons explained, but there are also tips on privacy settings, advice on which accounts to follow, and tips to grow your audience (including use of hashtags and filters). Suggestions are also included for the use of some analytical tools in order to determine if your social media strategy is having the impact you want.

Some important suggestions for companies include understanding your brand, your message and the consumers you’re trying to attract. These considerations are vital before beginning to develop a social media presence. The author also suggests “watching from a distance” to see how other companies are using social media sites to attract and interact with their customers. It is also important to realize that a company does not need to have a presence on each and every social media platform. Instead, it might be better to focus on having effective and targeted profiles on just the ones that are most suited to a particular business. Also vital to remember is that once you have established a page or account on a social networking site, it is important to continually update or add content in order to keep your business relevant.

As well as the more well-known social networking sites, the author also mentions other sites that may be useful to businesses such as AngelList, Quibb, and BuzzSumo (and gives information to help you decide if these sites fit your brand). The importance of interacting with your audience outside social media sites (such as making guest posts on blog and commenting on forum posts) is also stressed. There are plenty of examples included to help businesses get started. If you are overwhelmed by all the possible options, the author does a good job of summarizing each site and describing how it is used. Even if you are familiar with these social media tools, I’m sure everyone can learn how to better utilize them to promote a business or brand. All of the information is very well-presented and easy to follow. Anyone who is looking to increase the effectiveness of their social media presence can benefit from this advice.

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3then Snapchat would not be the best social media option for this company
By chesirecat20
“Social Media: Strategies to Mastering Your Brand Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat” by David Kelly is a step by step guide to how to use the top social media trends for business. The book is very sensible in that every social media does not work for every company and the author acknowledges this. However, the goal is the same for every company, which is to grow customer base. The author tells the reader to focus on the company brand and within the brand, the company audience, to be able to focus on the correct social media outlet for the company. For instance, if a company’s audience is an older market that is not that technologically savvy, then Snapchat would not be the best social media option for this company. The book does not use a lot of branding talk or computer language that would make it difficult to understand. The chapters are laid out simply with easy to understand headings. While the book really focuses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the author also goes into some of the other social media that are up and coming and are more focused for certain professional groups. For example, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ are all discussed for how to grow your business. I think this would be very useful for companies who are just getting into the social media advertising for their businesses.

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