Data Analytics for Absolute Beginners

Data Analytics for Absolute Beginners
By O Theobald

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Product Description

Start here if you are:

A marketing professional, financial analyst, politician, CEO, professional coach, student or a decision maker in an organization. This book is the start of the road to becoming a data scientist or data literate professional.

In today's modern world it’s extremely important to understand data analytics. This includes the various processes, resources, advantages and limitations of data analytics.

It's important that you can grasp the terminology and basic concepts of data analytics just as much as you need to understand basic accounting and financial literacy to be a successful decision maker in business.

This books is about ‘Data literacy’ and provides a easy-to-follow introduction to data mining and machine learning techniques.

This book is ideal for anyone who is interested in making sense of data analytics without the assumption that you understand specific data science terminology or advanced programming language.

Data Techniques covered:

Data Reduction
Anomaly Detection
Text Mining
Association Analysis
Sequence Mining
Support Vector Machine Algorithms
Artificial Neural Networks - Deep Learning
Data Visualisation

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #27226 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2017-03-11
  • Released on: 2017-03-11
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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By Amazon Customer
Good for people like me starting out.

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5Great introduction to the topic!
By Amazon Customer
For someone completely new to the tech industry, this book explains web scraping, data mining, machine learning, big data and other key concepts for data science. The writing is simple, easy to understand- definitely one of those "data science for dummies" reads. Would recommend/ ideal for people who are interested in data analytics but unsure how to apply it in their careers... don't worry this book will give you some insights :)

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By Jon Pastor
One of several similar titles I've sampled recently, and the least useful. Of course, what can you expect from someone who says "most experts would agree that we are already living in an era of ‘true AI’ where machines can legitimately simulate human thinking." He doesn't say experts AT WHAT, but nobody with any AI expertise would make such a statement with a straight face.

I've worked in AI for over 30 years, and while lots of progress has been made, outside of a relatively narrow range of tasks we're still a long way from a human-like artificially intelligent entity.

Don't buy into the hype about IBM Watson and other "Deep Learning" systems: playing Go is fundamentally no different from playing chess, a highly artificial task that requires nothing in the way of true intelligence -- no reasoning, just massive amounts of raw computing power and enough memory to sink an Imperial Cruiser.

When a computer program can solve a totally unstructured, novel problem, one that an average ten-year-old human solves every day, THEN let's start talking about 'true ai.' For that matter, let's see a program figure out how to make an "antsicle" -- use a stick to get ants out of a hole, the way chimps have done when faced with the problem of how to eat them -- without ever having been trained to do anything remotely similar.

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