How To Start A Profitable Authority Blog In Under One Hour: Write About What You Love, Create A Website, And Make Money

How To Start A Profitable Authority Blog In Under One Hour: Write About What You Love, Create A Website, And Make Money
By Passive Marketing

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Product Description

Neil launched in 2013 in an effort to document his journey from escaping the 9 to 5 grind to earning a full time living from the internet. 6 months later, his first blog was earning more than his retail job which he decided to quit and focus on blogging.

These results are not typical, but this book will go over the complete steps to setting up a profitable authority site which you can use to creating your first website and earning supplemental income.

*Who was this book written for?*

This book is written for people who are looking to start blogging and those people looking to create a website. It will also be helpful to those who are already blogging but not making money from their efforts.

*Who this book is not for:*

If you are looking to start a website and get rich overnight, look elsewhere. You will need to be dedicated and work hard to achieve desirable results.
While this book gives valuable information to those who are already making money blogging, if you making thousands of dollars a month, it was not written for you and might move a bit slow.

*Topics covered in this book:*

•Who Am I?
•Step 1: Picking A Niche
•Step 2: Keyword Research
•Step 3: Setting Up Your First Website
•Step 4: Writing Content For Your Website
•Step 5: Collecting Emails
•Step 6: Content Promotion]

You will learn how these 6 steps to starting a blog can be done in under an hour while learning about the basics of blogging in WordPress. You will also get access to the exact tools that are used every day by websites across the world.

Learn how to start your blog today, get started, and within the next 60 minutes, you should have a fully functioning website. This is the most comprehensive book about how you can start a blog which will hold your hand every step of the way.

Product Details

  • Published on: 2015-09-01
  • Released on: 2015-09-01
  • Format: Kindle eBook

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5Save yourself from wasting a year on junk information as I did, and give this book a read!
By Donnie
I've been trying to figure out how to monetize my blog for the past few months. In that time, I've spent more than I'd like to admit on other digital books promising that inside would be some secret formula for success. What I've learned however, is that there is no such thing as a secret formula and that the only factor that really matters is hard work.

But the problem that I was having was a fairly basic one. I didn't know what areas to start focusing on and get down and dirty with my learning. There is TOO much information out there on this topic, much of which is repetitive and filled with fluff.

In the year or so I've been at this, I've actually started turning a small profit for for my blog. Although it's really nothing to write home about, I'm proud that my online blog is paying me anything as opposed to me paying it.

I am still learning and look to new books and resources to further develop my online marketing skills and techniques. This book is an awesome reference for me to do just that. Many would consider it a bit short, but trust me, it's huge on quality information. It took me a year to piece together on my own, the information tightly packed inside this book.

Awesome resource! Great for the beginner and experienced alike! Save yourself from wasting a year on junk information as I did, and give this book a read!

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Good Information, Many Editing Errors
By Book Buyer
This book did have useful information in it. It gave me a lot of ideas. I can also say, that the information made sense from a professional point-of-view, because I have a degree in computer science. It was a very short read. I read it all in one sitting. Still, it had information in it, that made it a worthwhile read. It's not going to answer all of your questions, but it will help get you pointed in the right direction.

I have a lot of information on various computer science topics, and I have been trying to find a way to make money using that knowledge for a while. I've tried blogs in the past, but they never worked. Just because I have a degree in computer science, doesn't mean I know how to correctly market something like a blog. I think this book has helped fill in some of the missing gaps, and I'll now be able to get started with my blog.

The downside of this book, is that it is loaded with grammar errors. As examples, lowercase "i" is used instead of uppercase. There are places where the author used "there", instead of "their". There are also many sentences where it appears the author changed his mind in the middle of typing, because the sentence just stops in the middle, and then starts over again.

The errors were enough to be of an annoyance to me. I wish I had a printed copy of the book, so I could go through it with a red pen. My grammar isn't perfect, but I do proof read articles many times, before I publish them. I found the editing problems with this book to be more concerning, simply because the book was presented as training material for professional writers. I think someone needs to go through this book again, and buff out all those issues.

Because of all the editing errors, I wanted to give this book 4 stars; however, I still decided to give it 5 stars, because I found the material to be relevant, and to the point. There were a lot of useful ideas, and the author kept the flow going. He was able to hold my attention long enough, for me to sit and read the entire book at one time, and that's not easy to do. I love writing, but I am not fond of reading.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
4Worth it but it is a big blog post
By Kindle Customer
It was valuable content delivered well and I'll be checking this guys site out for future content and announcements. But at the end of the book in the summary he forgot to tweak the verbiage that eludes to the fact that this was an article, which leaves the impression that he cherry picked the article from his blog and made it a book. I didn't spend anything on it (free promo? I forgot. Maybe it was free) so I'm not upset at that, nor do I want my time back. I do appreciate the value. It's just that when people recycle their content, I think it's important to make those extra efforts so that it doesn't have that "regift" feel. Ya know, that gift someone gives you that was a really just a gift they got from someone but didn't like it, so they repurpose it with a smile. Like that. This book was a fruitcake that tasted good, but a regift nonetheless. I feel bad leaving this review. I notice this phenomenon often with kindle books (repurposed content). I suppose I'm leaving it because I like the book (authors voice) and there wasn't an email handy for me to toss him a quick shout out for feedback. So, there ya go. Longest. Review. Ever. - The End

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